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Hiiro no Kakera 2

Hiiro no Kakera 2 main image more screenshots
3.109 out of 5 from 895 votes
Rank #2,491


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga TV 2012 Prequel
Name Role
Naoyuki ONDA Character Design
Bob SHIROHATA Director
Masumi ITOU Music

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Title Author Score Date
Hiiro no Kakera 2 kagome15 8/10 Feb 17, 2014
Hiiro no Kakera 2 Seority 9/10 Apr 5, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Gray GrayQueen 109 Mar 25, 2014
Some of my faves :D TallyCrow 27 Dec 20, 2013
Reverse Harem Jerza 13 Nov 30, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
Anticipated Anime of Fall 2012 Damias 1 Sep 29, 12
mije92 rated the Hiiro no Kakera 2 anime 5/5 stars
mije92 watched Hiiro no Kakera 2 at 13 of 13 episodes
Suyalus rated the Hiiro no Kakera 2 anime 1/5 stars
Suyalus dropped Hiiro no Kakera 2 anime at 9 of 13 episodes
Suyalus dropped Hiiro no Kakera 2

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RDG: Red Data Girl

RDG: Red Data Girl

Izumiko has lived a secluded, sheltered life in a mountain shrine since she was born. Having been raised to become the vessel of the Hime-gami, a mysterious force, the girl’s family has carefully planned and measured all aspects of her life - from the prestigious school she’s meant to attend to even her hair style. So when Izumiko is threatened by strange events, her father forces yet another obligation on her: Miyuki Sagara, a mountain monk descendant who’s fated to be her bodyguard. Unfortunately for the duo, neither is happy about the arrangement, especially Miyuki, who’s being exiled from his home city to guard a girl he considers to be useless. Can the two learn to find common ground in their search to understand the supernatural mysteries unfolding around them?

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Both of the main protagonist have spiritual powers and a male character responsible for serving and protecting them.

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