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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai main image more screenshots
4.481 out of 5 from 13,193 votes
Rank #67

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
bengagraigjaws Watching 11   not rated
benskorner Watching 2   4.5 star rating
Bernchen Watching 9   not rated
Bertoswavez Watching 5   not rated
Billywhizz635 Watching 20   4.5 star rating
Bimpy Watching     not rated
bjogus Watching 5   not rated
BlaaQ Watching 1   5 star rating
BlackButterfly Watching     3.5 star rating
BlackCherry Watching 4   not rated
BlackDog Watching 21   4.5 star rating
Blackdragonss Watching     1.5 star rating
BlackHatJack Watching 4   not rated
BlackStar1990 Watching 2   not rated
Blafomet Watching     not rated
blazewardog Watching 6   not rated
Blechpizza Watching     not rated
BlioodKira Watching 18   not rated
Bliss81355 Watching 8   3.5 star rating
blu3fly Watching 14   not rated
bluedrag01 Watching 1   not rated
BlysseHero62 Watching 13   not rated
BME Watching 9   not rated
boltstrike Watching     not rated
Bonta Watching 1   not rated
boogiepop86 Watching 3   not rated
Bootleg Watching 5   4.5 star rating
boredoutofmymind15 Watching 3   not rated
brasmonki Watching 12   5 star rating
brebre Watching 17   3 star rating
BrokenChara Watching 24   5 star rating
BubbleGas Watching 4   not rated
BurnerD Watching 12   2.5 star rating
bushido490 Watching 1   4 star rating
Butterbeer Watching 1   not rated
byobsoad2 Watching     not rated
c0nspire Watching     not rated
CabooseNoLike Watching 8   not rated
Cactaceae Watching 1   not rated
Caduceus205 Watching     not rated
CairoThePhoenix Watching 8   not rated
calli00 Watching 9   not rated
Cami Watching     not rated
campa Watching 20   2.5 star rating
Canuleia Watching 12   5 star rating
CaptNikolai Watching     not rated
carboanion Watching     not rated
castycasty Watching 16   3 star rating
CereaIbox Watching 5   3.5 star rating
CFRD119 Watching     not rated