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High School DxD

High School DxD main image more screenshots
3.993 out of 5 from 11,249 votes
Rank #729

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
Ethersin Watching 11   3 star rating
EviLkiD24 Watching 1   not rated
exaviel Watching 3   5 star rating
Exsigo Watching     not rated
FaizeRain Watching 7   not rated
Fajrant Watching 3   5 star rating
Falicity12 Watching 5   2 star rating
Fallenangel176 Watching 6   4.5 star rating
FallenAngelSin Watching     not rated
fallendarkness Watching     5 star rating
fallenlegna Watching 3   not rated
Faust13 Watching 6   4.5 star rating
fdtse Watching 5   5 star rating
ferrari Watching 6   3 star rating
Figaro Watching 1   4 star rating
fightbait Watching 1   not rated
FightingForSasuke Watching     not rated
Firehound47 Watching     not rated
Flash Watching 1   not rated
Flavenstein Watching 1   not rated
flsh86 Watching 7   5 star rating
fluffster Watching 12   5 star rating
Flyingcoke Watching 4   5 star rating
Fork Watching     not rated
foxgurly Watching 10   not rated
Frak Watching 4   not rated
Francocc Watching     not rated
freax Watching 2   3 star rating
FredoNitro Watching 2   3.5 star rating
Frogcrush Watching 3   not rated
frogfu Watching 2   not rated
Frostyclaw Watching     not rated
furipedarkness Watching 7   5 star rating
Furrywolfy Watching     not rated
Fusbun Watching 3   not rated
FutureGadget Watching     not rated
Fuxy Watching 12   4.5 star rating
Gaichi Watching     not rated
Gankutsuou Watching     not rated
Gapyr2 Watching     5 star rating
Geanon Watching 1   not rated
GeeZeRBEATER Watching     not rated
GendoCrowley Watching 7   not rated
Geomood Watching 5   4.5 star rating
ghostboy96 Watching 4   not rated
ghostbusterman1 Watching     not rated
GhostxPwner Watching     not rated
Gilbert Watching 4   not rated
gintoki73 Watching 4   not rated
gofc Watching     not rated