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Nov 16, 2013

High School DxD is defintely a strange anime at it's core. I've watched ecchi before, but none to this extent. Most of it was intentional and it turned me off to certain aspects of this anime.

THE STORY IS: Issei is a pervert in every shape, way, and form. Him and his 2 other friends dream, fantasize, and never pass up a chance to see the girls at school naked. One day, Issei comes across a girl who wants to go out with him. He obviously says yes and they embark on a date. At the end of the date, the girl turns out to be a Fallen Angel and kills Issei. While dying, he is brought back to life by Rias Gremory, the head of the Gremory Demon Clan. Issei must now cope with his newly found life as a demon and a slave to Rias.

To be clear, the only reason I watched this is because I thought the story was intriguing. It had some really intense points, but mostly towards the end of the anime. The only thing that turned me off about the story is the mass amount of nudity. I understand it's an ecchi and that is what it entails, but there is a limit. I wanted to see how the story developed and I got a good story with a LOT of boobs and nudity. The story, honestly, starts out slow and never really goes anywhere until about halfway through. Even then, it felt rushed and never took some necessary time to put the boobs on the back burner and let the story come forward and take the lime light. Overall the story was very well done and worth the watch through.

THE ANIMATION was top notch! Very clean, crisp, and not too colorful nor drab. Honestly, I thought the animation was probably the best animation I have seen so far in an anime. Also considering that it is a newer anime, it still is very clean cut.

THE SOUND was also pretty good. The voice acting was where it needed to be. The sound effects were on par. It was good overall.

THE CHARACTERS were hit or miss. Issei is a good character at some points, but most of the time he is rather annoying with his crazy obsession with boobs. If they toned Issei's boob-crazed personality down from off the scale to a more tolerable amount here and there, he would've been a great character. Rias is a great female lead. She keeps Issei and everyone else in their place and defintely stands out as a leader. Everyone else has their own persona, but don't really take the forfront as much as Issei, Rias, and Asia. I would like to have known more about Konoko and Aneko and take a peek into their backgrounds a bit to see where they came from and why there are the way they are.

OVERALL High School DxD was a pretty good anime to watch. It has a slow start to an intriguing plot, but it was very good overall. As I stated earlier, my only complaint was the mass plethora of nudity. Some was unnecessary and some was whatever, but I didn't mind it except towards the end where it became all too frequent in situations that didn't call for it.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jun 6, 2012

Based off of one viewing of the series

Story- 6

High School DxD was a supernatural anime based of light novels released in 2012. It follows the story of Issei Hyodo. Issei was a regular high school student that was asked out by a fellow classmate that turned out to be a fallen angel and killed him. He was resurrected by Rias Gremory, another fellow classmate who happens to be a devil, as a devil to be her servant. The plot then becomes about Issei trying to understand the power within him that was the reason for him to be killed originally.

The story is lacking here. It tries to incorporate religion, philosophy, and chess (for some odd reason) all while being as perverted as possible. In this regard, I am reminded of Highschool of the Dead. If the show lost the majority of its perverseness, it would gain much more in decent plot. When major events happened, it would always have a cookie-cutter solution that is so common among anime such as this. There is nothing of substance here, just a lot of ecchi empty promises of what could have been.

Animation- 7

It’s unfair to compare this show to Shaft’s Nisemonogatari, but among other show that came out along side High School DxD, it comes off as average. There are no fluid motions, extravagant scenes, exotic color palettes, or character models that stand out to make you remember this anime. The style fits perfectly well for sight gags, but in more serious moments, it is exceedingly average. More effort is placed on the show’s ecchi moments. Commercial break slide are filled with pictures of the main girls in scantily clad outfits, ecchi scenes are superior in animation to the rest of the show, and the outro…you can only watch it to understand (the intro isn’t animated half as well).

Sounds- 7

The sounds are very stereotypical of an anime like this. You get the boob bounce sounds you except from ecchi, dramatic music in situation that are suppose to be dramatic, etc. the intro also fits to the show’s theme. The outro music kills the plot’s seriousness every time it’s played to throw you back into ecchi mode. The best part of this show, sound wise, are the voice actors. The voice actors are good in this series and fit the roles well.


The voice acting is good, but the characters take away from that quality. Instead of characters of substance, we have dime-a-dozen characters that are so common in an action/ecchi show that a dime is too much for them.

Issei Hyodo- the main character and perverted hero

Rias Gremory- the large breasted beauty that the main characters actions revolve around

Asia Argento- the soft spoken extremely kind girl that’s head over heels in love with the main character

Akeno Himejima- the girl you never see that gets upset and always has a smile on her face

Koneko Tojo- the emotionless loli who thinks extremely lowly of the main character

Yuto Kiba- the pretty boy thrown in to add extra testosterone to the show (the throw away character)

Concept, Creativity, and Originality- 7.5

Though the concept of the show has been done in some form before, it was very engrossing; the story of angels, devils, and fallen angels fighting to survive draws you in. Any attempt that could have been put into this aspect is substituted for as much perverseness as possible. To the shows strength, they show finds new ways to show its ecchi scenes that are unique to this series.

Overall- 6.5

I feel that some enjoyment can be had from the show, but it is only if you dumb yourself down to enjoy it. However if you hold it up to its true potential, then you’ll have five major problems with the series:

1. The plot wasn’t capitalized on

2. Ecchi was turned up to 11

3. Too many character stereotypes

4. The premise suffers lack of clarity

5. Any serious moment at the end of the show is ruined by the outro song.

The series had so much potential, but failed to capitalize on it and we are left with a mediocre/sub-par anime.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Mar 31, 2012


For an Ecchi harem, it has a very interesting story and that's one of the primary reasons I gave it a high grade in this area, it doesn't stack up very well compared to other genres but for what it is, it is extremely entertaining. It has fun with itself and the author seems to be having a lot of fun writing it. They've setup an interesting shounen-style premise with an interesting cast of characters and backgrounds that play off of each other nicely.

 Issei being alpha

Just Issei in alpha mode

There are entire worlds left unexplored in the first season and if you've read the light novels you'd know there's plenty of things left in this universe. The world is massive, the characters are endless and I don't think there's ever a moment when I was bored. One of the best things about DxD is it's ability to completely lose it's mind, as seen in one of the first episodes where a devil is depicted as shooting lasers out of her funbags. The level of comedy in this show is pretty great too and there's plenty to laugh at both now, and in the future when another season arrives.

 Priorities man

Priorities, man.

All that said, the level of fanservice is infinity level so those who are annoyed by it, you'll just have to stay away. It's rampant, there's bare-chested nudity and a lot of it. This doesn't bug me much at all and I've honestly ignored the whole thing and genuinely enjoy the story.

Why cant I hold all this plot?

Why can't I hold all this plot?


The animation quality is pretty good, better than other of it's genre but sadly it doesn't stack up quite as well against other big name titles. I am convinced it has some of the best animation the ecchi/harem/comedy department will ever see but it doesn't stack up so well against it's epic shounen adventure counterparts.

That... quality

I have no problems with this

The battle scenes are fairly well animated but it seems like they've saved some of the budget there to expand on uhm, other fronts if you catch my drift. Many of the ecchi scenes are animated to professional quality while the battle scenes left more to be desired. Don't get me wrong, the battle scenes aren't bad but the fact that you can clearly see more attention to detail in the character's chest areas compared to critical battles is something that should be pointed out.

Just the local DxD megazord

Just your friendly neighborhood Megazord


The characters are voiced well, nothing seems particularly out of place; The OP for DxD is sort of generic but the music isn't that bad. The ED I'm convinced is one of the best this season (and not just for the epic fanservice), the song is incredibly catchy and fits the series well in both the fun and lyrics department. Not much to say about the sound really, everything fits like it should but there's nothing exceptionally spectacular about it.

Oh hi

What's that? GIFs can't make sounds you say?



The characters are a big part of the story and I've already voiced my opinion on them but I'll try to get a little more specific. Kiba, probably the weakest character of the bunch is Issei's rival yet is one of the few of the group who treats Issei with any amount of respect - not much to say about him, his development would be in the second season (Light novels 3-4) but as it stands he's a pretty weak and undeveloped character.

Kiba the pure knight wont take Rias virginity

Though popular with the ladies outside of the club, within the club Kiba is friendzone level 99

Akeno is an S&M freak who likes torturing enemies and of course, is sexy. Koneko is a stoic cat lady who constantly calls Issei out for being a gigantic pervert.

Koneko declares all perverts must die, my life is in serious danger.

Ashia is the resident pure maiden who's being influenced by Rias' perverted devil ways, she lusts for Issei and yet doesn't know enough about relations between man and woman to do much about it. Rias is burdened by her family name and is in an arranged marriage situation, falls in love with our resident pervert when he saves her from that fate.

You'll never take my red headed large breasted woman

Then there's Issei, our main character. He's a pervert, he ends up in funny situations and rubs his sexual exploits in his friends' faces. He wants to touch any and all sexual parts of the opposite sex. He's awesome in that he ends up getting a harem which he's totally unaware of because he doesn't believe women can be genuinely interested in him, when they all eventually fall victim to his pure hearted pervert ways. This all sounds pretty bland and natural for the genre, but they all come together quite beautifully (no pun intended) and it ends up being a laugh riot. There's no typical harem cockblocking or shenanigans here. The enemies are generally all generic except the bosses, but are interesting enough to make you wonder.

Our resident douchebag, Raiser


Let's be honest, DxD isn't going to be winning any awards but it's entertaining as all hell. It's completely insane, shameless and interesting. I've not had this much fun watching an anime in a while. The fun factor is in it's ability to tell an interesting story and it's comedy, there's also some mighty powerful fanservice for those interested in that. (yes, they have bare uncensored breasts, let's shoehorn that in right now) You'll have a good time watching this anime if you can judge the anime based on it's merits in this genre over the level of fan service. Yes, if you hate fan service, you will be annoyed to the maximum extent but otherwise, it's really very fun. I suggest picking it up and waiting for a second season, it's been ranked pretty high in the preorders and sales department and it's sure to have another season (or two, hopefully). It's not the best anime this season but it's certainly not even close to the worst. Give it a shot.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jul 15, 2015


Not much of a main storyline in the show. Background story somewhat makes up for it, but barely.


For a less plot oriented show, it still does a good job of providing details towards more active portions of the show.


Satirical music and SFX reminds the viewers not to take the show too seriously.


Surprisingly, the characters have great potential to be likable, even aside from the "Fanservice" portions of the show. But unfortunately, this means that it can be distracting (good or bad) for the intention of character development.


Actually not a bad show, even if it's less plot driven.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Feb 17, 2014

Grab a box of tissues, pull that old crusty sock out from under the bed, and get ready for an anime that makes me happy I invest in Kleenex stocks. High School DxD is the once in a lifetime anime that reminds us all that girls have boobs and as a guy, I sure do love boobs. In fact, in a market oversaturated with no boobs whatsoever, it’s nice to find an anime that finally caters to what I love without the hassle of having to type in my birthday and gets tons of viruses from all the ads surrounding the video. My only complaint is that the DVD doesn’t come with a package of twelve socks just so I have one for each episode.

                When I think quality anime, I instantly think TNK. After all, School Days has constantly appeared on my best anime of all-time list  and is usually what I compare all other anime to. Thankfully, High School DxD doesn’t need to be compared to anything else because it’s a completely new type of series resplendent with ideas you won’t find in any other anime. And it has boobies, which are clinically proven to enhance an anime’s rating.

                You may be asking what this nirvana of anime is about. It centers around this perverted guy named Tomoki…er, Issei, sorry. He likes to think about naked girls. I can relate to that because I do that sometimes too. He also has perverted friends who he watches porn with. I can relate to that because Friday Circle Jerks are the best nights of the week. Mostly because of the pizza. The porn’s never that great.

                So anyway, he has some super-duper power that only the most average of people always has and so some sexy fallen angels are after him. And some sexy demon ladies want him too. The demon ladies are much nicer than the fallen angels. In fact, it’s been shown that the Bible doesn’t give Satan enough credit for having nice demons. And the Bible doesn’t even mention how big their titties are. The demon lady, Rias, saves Issei and takes him into her house where he becomes her pawn in some convoluted mess of barely explained but easy to understand stupidity. Now Issei has to learn to be a demon while facing the demons of his obsession with pornography and thinking of girls as nothing more than boobs on two legs.

                It’s hard to do that in a world of perpetual cold though. It seems like those girls need to wear more sweaters. I was at the edge of my seat everytime anyone got a face full of boob, hoping that their eyes weren’t poked out by the diamond-hard nips standing on every girls mounds of glorious jiggliness. On top of that, bras must not be part of the school dress code. This is an understandable move, as the principal must understand how uncomfortable it is to wear a bra. And how comfortable it is to see girls without bras.

                Even more of a problem is how badly made the clothes of every female character are. With just a single punch, the girls clothes tear into pieces, exposing things that are not for my virgin eyes. Last time I punched my sister, she didn’t go flying into the air, her clothes raining down around her while I basked in her nudity…


                Okay, I’ll get serious now. The plot of High School DxD is not all that compelling. It’s pretty generic stuff. I pretty much saw this as the opposite version of Sora no Otoshimono, where the characters are devils instead of angels, and the tits are much more prevalent. I didn’t mind this though as the plot did move at a decent clip and I guess it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen.

                It’s more character driven than anything, though none of the characters are standouts. Issei is the same tired character we’ve come to find in a lot of this type of anime, the strong-headed pervert who’s useless in every regard except he’s got a lot of heart. Rias is somewhat interesting as the leader of the little group. All the other girls are pretty much generic characters we've seen a million times before.

                By now this is a pretty tired tale but there are some redeeming factors to this anime that actually exceeded my expectations.


                I was actually recommended this anime by a girl at my local anime convention so I figured it just be another Heaven’s Lost Property. Boy was I surprised when I spent the entirety of the first episode staring at tits, and then spent the subsequent eleven staring at more tits. If you haven’t watched this, then know that this show is extremely explicit. It’s borderline hentai. The camera focuses on tits during conversations, every girl’s got nip going on, every other scene has to have the girls without clothes on for some reason or other. It’s not family friendly at all, unless you have a weird fucking family.

                I figured I’d hate the constant tits but I really grew not to care anymore after the first few episodes. Once one of the enemies started shooting laser beams from her nipples, boobs just became part of the package, nothing to even write home about. It’s strange that they’re so commonplace and it’s especially strange that this whole series got an English dub. But the dub actually makes the anime for me.

                The voice actors were clearly given a ton of leeway. Considering what they were working with, I can see why the dubbers would do that. In Japanese I feel like this anime wouldn’t even be worth watching. But the dub is so uproariously hilarious at time that I couldn’t stop watching. Issei and his two friends are the best part of the anime. Their banter is hilariously overanimated and ridiculous.

                DxD has some surprisingly good fight scenes scattered about as well. They all end up falling under some sort of convention in the end, but the quality is pretty good for an anime such as this. And these all culminate with a good, albeit easy to foresee, ending.

                There’s something charming about this anime. And I’m not talking about the goddam tits. Despite the average plot and generally lackluster characters, the comedy and action seem to balance everything well. By all accounts and purposes, this isn’t a good anime...

                But it's entertaining as hell.

                I was never bored. Some moments had me laughing till I cried. The plot heavy ending was compelling enough to keep me watching. Sure, every third shot was a boob or a thigh or panties, but the comedy helped make this unabashedly shameless. There are some anime that are just boobies and panties  for their own sake and then some comedy thrown in. But High School DxD is so shamelessly filthy and perverted that it’s actually somewhat charming.

                It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely up there with the best ecchi/harem anime on the market.


?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall