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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.

Self-proclaimed, proud pervert Ryousuke loves women – to him, their butts and breasts are a 'treasure box' of joy for all men. So when the boy spots a fiery-haired girl standing in the rain one day, he invites her to his house – but he didn't expect to be stabbed with a magical sword in return! The girl, Lisara, is actually a high-level shinigami who must absorb the spiritual powers of others to survive in the human world. Until she can find a genius with enormous expendable energy, she's decided to form a contract with Ryousuke, but unfortunately for the busty babe, the horny teen's mojo is fueled only through his constant perversion. While looking for Lisara's true prize, the two must deal with other well-endowed shinigami and other foes alike, all while trying to maintain a 'typical' school life together.

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Reasons you might like Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai....

Shadowblazen Shadowblazen says...

A demon girl with crimson hair, magic abilities and combat, school setting, a main character who embraces his perversion, with fanservice and ecchi nonstop. These shows have so much in common, they really seem to go hand-in-hand. If you liked one, the other will have the exact same appeal.

sothis sothis says...

High School DxD and Dakara Boku wa are extremely similar - over-the-top perverted guy gets impaled and finds himself in the service of a busty red-haired supernatural girl. Ample ecchi and action ensues - DxD is 5,000x more ecchi than Dakara, however. Dakara Boku wa does focus a little more on comedy and school life than the action/fantasy elements, but both of these WILL appeal to the same audience.

milky228 milky228 says...

These two are almost the exact same show!Both are heavily fanserviced from start to finish.

A male highschool student renowned for being heavily perveted meet an attractive redhead who takes advantage of him to get what she wants. The redhead turns out to be from a different world which has strong connections with the human world.

That's a basic overview of both the anime, sound similar?

NaruyashaStar NaruyashaStar says...

Rias-senpai and Lisara are very similar, and Mina and Asia are similar in some characteristics, in both have demons, have four beautiful girls, have the perv hero that coincidentally "earn" one of the best weapon ever, have the main bad guy, and have the ecchi way to make the hero stronger. These are the best anime EVER !! 

cajogos cajogos says...

These two animes have a lot in common, special powers, a lot of ero and ofc it's played in an high school lol

Beurny Beurny says...

A regular perverted guy, a demon girl with red hair, quite ecchi and it's just similar in lots of ways.

ilubsanime ilubsanime says...

Both of these animes are very similar in the sense of the main character being perverted as hell and making the show very funny. They both have nudity drawn superbly 8).

metalhead7777 metalhead7777 says...

both main female characters are demon girls, with a perverted sidekick who embraces it, and the fight side by side in an overwhelming amount of ecchi. if you like one you would like the other.

AkoniiYuu AkoniiYuu says...

Main characters are fighting bad guys , in the series they are developing love(feelings for both), and main protagonist is pervert =70% of his mind is thinking about oppai ... and everything else you can guess from what i said :D ...

OtakuSenseiHig OtakuSenseiHig says...

they are both overly perverted and have action that people on pay attention to for uses that ill keep up to the viewer

HateSomebody HateSomebody says...

Both of the have a similar plot-similar genres and are eechi so if you liked one of them you'll definetly like the other one too 

KingTyler00 KingTyler00 says...

In both:

-Main normal guy which loves erotic things and has the special powers.

-Main girl is from underworld demon.

-Similar art.

-No censorship on the chest and pants.

Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

When the infected approached Rei and Takashi's school, it led to a gruesome blood bath that left the majority of students and staff dead or turned into the zombie-like monsters that have spread throughout the world. Together with a handful of other survivors, Rei and Takashi set forth to find their families in a world that is rapidly detoriating. Governments have collapsed, the killer disease is out of control, and people everywhere are trying their best to simply live through each day...

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Reasons you might like Highschool of the Dead...

Fargo Fargo says...

To put it bluntly, both these animes center around action compact with explicit fanservice. Both of their casts involve your average dude bumbling through their respective plot with their not!harems and facing against a supernatural force threatening their existence.

Vic969 Vic969 says...

Both shows are an ecchi galore, they do a wonderful job in presenting the girls in the most lewd ways possible.

They also share a great way of presenting battles, so you can rest between all this sexiness.

eNdZq eNdZq says...

If you like gender ecchi combinated with action and some comedy you must watch this.

Both have hot and sexy girls which are surprised in situations not really decents, but beautiful for sight(If you are man!).

So if you want a series who can surprise you in any moment you must watch one of this or even both!

DeliciousCake DeliciousCake says...

Both have good plots and both are littered with some pointless fan service.  High School DXD was a lot more lighthearted than Highschool of the Dead, however.

liamb1996 liamb1996 says...

For some reason, the two arent related very well but for some reason i find them very similar. Sexiness and violence, Enjoy.

Anudevil13 Anudevil13 says...

So whats similar in these 2 series?

Highschool Plot? Check

Boobies show off? Check

Perverted Main Char? Check

Harem? Check

Supernatural Element?(Zombies and Devils) Check

Lewd Plot? Check

Comedy? Check

Romance? Check

and Action? Check

i guess thats enough to make u watch the other one :P



Minato Sahashi was living a normal life; he had just failed his college entrance exam for a second year in a row, and lived a quiet life in a single's apartment. That is, until the busty Musubi fell from the sky on top of him! She is a Sekirei, one of 108 that are destined to fight each other until only one remains; and he or she will ascend to heaven with his or her chosen one known as an Ashikabi. Minato soon finds himself in the embrace of Musubi, becoming her Ashibaki - but his life will only become more complicated. Musubi isn't the last to claim Minato as her Ashibaki, and what's worse, plenty of other Sekirei and opponents stand in his way!

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Reasons you might like Sekirei...


The first anime that came to mind while I was watching Sekirei was High School DxD. Boobs, panty shots, fighting, supernatural powers, special bonds, love triangles, and a good dose of comedy too. If you like one then you'll probably like the other.

Sektor Sektor says...

Like most people who enjoy these anime, people came for the boobs, but stayed for the story. Powerful women, boy growing to become a man, and a growing group of crazy hormones and emotions all wrapped up together. If the anime stay true in the next seasons to their written stories, there is much more amazing to come!!!

Anudevil13 Anudevil13 says...

Seikrei and Highschool DxD have many similarities in them. Despite both being heavy ecchi, they have a good story that keep u entertained. Both have abundance of boobs, pantie shots, naked scenes. Both series main guy is bit of  perv and has a harem including big and small boobed girls.Both have supernatural powers and have lots of comedy action with romance touch

deathring109 deathring109 says...

Both Animes have a the Ecchi factor, as well as fanservice, romance, etc.  But, in my opinion, both have a good story line(I actually prefer DxD), but they are similar in content.  If you like one, you'll definately like the other

phoniefly phoniefly says...

Other then they fact that both are ecchi and have action. The 2 main male characters are the same in a way they both wish they could do more for the females. They both would do anything for the ones around them including die



After inadvertently managing to kill the god Verethragna, taking his divine powers in the process, the once-typical teen Godou's life changed forever. Now a "Campione", a god slayer, the boy constantly attracts both gods' and other Campiones' attentions alike, not to mention the affections of a powerful knight, Erica. Whether he's dodging Erica's advances, proving his strength to others or taking down gods who will wreak havoc on the planet, Godou's new life is anything but normal.


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Reasons you might like Campione!...

ThePolishthunder ThePolishthunder says...

General story is similar, the main character gains supernatural powers and is dragged into a world of Gods/Devils leading to many fights and forming a harem along the way.

hannes33 hannes33 says...

Well there are similar elements in both animes, such as fanservice/ecchi, fighting scenes, loads of humor and girls. It is likely that you would like both animes, when you like one and if you ask me, both animes are definetely worth watching.

Keep in mind though that the male main charakters differ a lot, since the one in High school DxD is quite the perv.

Excarius Excarius says...

The Campione! and Highschool DxD are very similar in many ways.

1) Both main heroine characters (male) are meeting the girl in a mysterious way without knowing anything.

2) Both anime has a lot of ecchi.

3) Both anime has harem too.

4) Both male are pervert but in Campione!, the boy is not as much pervert as Issei in High School DxD.

5) Both main characters receive later on an amazing power and gets revealed new unseen powers that these powers will get you notice on only in somewhere around at last episodes to the final.

6) Both anime has romance. Both MC Girls in the anime loves the boy and does "ecchi" things against the boy (but in a good way!)

P.S: The Campione! has not as much ecchi scenes as High School DxD, but has as an extra genre, ecchi packed.

So, this is well making the anime similar, right? :P

Bestanimeserie Bestanimeserie says...

Both shows have a smilar story with a main character who's suddenly thrown into a world full of magic in wich he has a special power, both feature action, magic and a ton of ecchi so if you liked one you'll probably like the other as well

Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire

Fifteen-year-old Tsukune Aono is average in every way; he has no hobbies, less-than-stellar grades and he's even flunked his high school entrance exam. His parents have managed to enroll him in a school, but it's no ordinary school! Tsukune will be attending the Youkai Academy, a place where monsters learn how to co-exist with humans! As the werewolves, vampires, witches and other monsters are required to retain their human forms, Tsukune - the lone human - is able to avoid their bloodthirsty gazes. However, he quickly attracts the attention of a number of devilish beauties including the vampire Moka, a busty succubus and even a young witch! It seems Tsukune's average life isn't so average anymore!

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Reasons you might like Rosario to Vampire...

jboehler003 jboehler003 says...

Both have a supernatural monsters in it. Rosario+Vampire is more about a Harem where a normal kid is surrounded by a bunch of girls who are monsters. High School DxD is about a boy who gets turned into a demon by a girl. Both series have lots fighting in it.

Imamovic Imamovic says...

One is a world where bread is serious business; the other is a world where discounted Ben-To is serious business. Apart fromBen-To andBread, they have a lot going for them; mainly by taking something mundane and turning it into something ridiculously cool. They both scream "absurdly stupid" but they work as a comedy around the food they revolve and the characters that surround it.

The fights and outcomes are the main events and both take it to an enjoyable extreme; both are recommended if you enjoy shows that take a boring thing and make it awesome and comedic.

xZaKKox xZaKKox says...

Very similar surroundings and story. Both are in "schools", one's got Demons (Highschool DxD) the other's got Vampires, Succubus etc. (Rosario to Vampire).

Both are ecchi although Highschool DxD beat Rosario to Vampire with quite a bit in terms of.. visuals. There's most definitely romance in both of the animes, but you're going to have to see how it goes for yourself. :)