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Anime with Plots that Hide What You're Actually Watching it For (Namely, Lesbians)by ratchet573

There's a weird double standard where girls can watch yaoi and it's cool but guys can't watch yuri without being looked at funny. Here is a list of shows I've watched containing lesbians. These shows have to have a plot that I can talk about with...

Ecciest anime everby KBR

The ecciest anime I have seen in order of what I remember

Masterpiecesby HumanBeing

Most "good" anime are overrated trash that loved by morons with horrible judging skill. But these are most creative, and original anime ever invented. With innovative story, unforgettable OST, unique art, and interesting casts with outstanding...

Honest opinions and my fav animeby UnicornFatboy

You can find something for everybody i hope,its not ranked

Commentary on every anime I have seenby spennamonsumo

My thoughts on every anime I have seen. (Will need to rewatch all shows I have not seen in some to update my opinions on them).

Animes Que He Vistoby ByCreeperPRO

Lista De Animes Que He Visto