Hi no Tori: Houou Hen

Alt title: Phoenix: Karma Chapter

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Nitaboh: Tsugaru Shamisen Shiso Gaibun

Nitaboh: Tsugaru Shamisen Shiso Gaibun

Nitaro's mother passed before he was old enough to remember her, and after smallpox leaves him blind at a young age he finds a connection to her through music and her shamisen guitar. Happily, Nitaro finds out that he has an aptitude for the shamisen and his skills are soon recognized by a goze (a traveling female bard) who takes it upon herself to teach him the traditional style of play. However he quickly realizes how restrictive this style can be and, frustrated, he begins the long journey to find and perfect his own style of play.

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Theta Theta says...

These are two stories of artists in historical periods seeking to perfect their craft.  Both focus on religion and have themes of self discovery.