Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no CosmoZone

Alt titles: Phoenix 2772

Movie (1 ep x 125 min)
2.883 out of 5 from 180 votes
Rank #3,213

In the distant future, humans are no longer born, they are grown in test tubes and raised by robot companions until adolescence. Determined by genetics and skills at birth, each new member of society is trained for a specific job, from living as a noble to becoming a lowly pilot. For one young man named Godo, his quest for independence will send him across the stars and beyond the reaches of the phoenix, the only creature alive that can help breathe life into the dying Earth...


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sothis's avatar by sothis on Jan 20, 2005
Score: 6.9/10

Prior to viewing this film, I had already seen the Hi no Tori TV series. The TV series is focused on several different stories that all lead back to the same topic: the phoenix. This movie (the first of the Hi no Tori line) is quite different, focusing instead on a single story with a very sci fi feel.

Humans are grown in test tubes, and raised by only robots until they reach... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Jul 10, 2012
Score: 6/10

This is the first of a line of movies made by Osamu Tezuka (yes, the God of Manga again) and are all part of his Hinotori saga; Man’s folly throughout the course of history, as well as his search for immortality and happiness. I will not make different reviews about each one of them, I will mention all I have to say about the whole concept here. For those interested there are three more movies as well as... read more

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