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Poor, short, and unathletic Joey Jones has always been picked on by the rich kids at his school. But when a lightning bolt turns a toy robot he salvaged from the trash into a hulking, remote-controlled bruiser, Joey becomes the only thing standing between humanity and a terrifying race of alien invaders, The Skrugg. If he's going to save the world, however, he's going to need the help of his friends Psy, Lina, and Professor Denton, along with more courage than he ever knew he had.

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Wander's avatar
Wander Jan 5, 2013
Score 8/10

Heroman's story really isn't anything never before seen.  In fact, it lines up with most shounen anime.  Joey, our hero, is a young boy living in the USA.  He gets picked on and bullied and considers himself to be very weak.  Well, he comes into a great power when his self-repaired Heybo is struck by lightening, turning it into a giant robot with the American flag running down its... read more

Raikou's avatar
Raikou Feb 8, 2014
Score 7/10

STORY: 6/10 Joey Jones is a 90 pound weakling living in Los Angeles Center City in a society where apparently video games never caught on and instead robots are all the rage. He works at a coffee shop, lives with his incredibly unrestrictive grandmother, and gets bullied by the resident jock often (mostly because said jock's sister has a huge thing for Joey). When one of the bullies breaks his new robot and... read more

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