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Hen Zemi TV

Hen Zemi TV main image
2.379 out of 5 from 1,656 votes
Rank #4,110


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Main Characters

Komugi MUSASHI image Komugi MUSASHI heart unheart
Makiko GREGORY image Makiko GREGORY heart unheart
Miwako MIZUKOSHI image Miwako MIZUKOSHI heart unheart
Nanako MATSUTAKA image Nanako MATSUTAKA heart unheart
Yesterday TAGUCHI image Yesterday TAGUCHI heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Hishiyasu ICHIKAWA image Hishiyasu ICHIKAWA heart unheart
Professor Kenji MESHIYA image Professor Kenji MESHIYA heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Yuji HORII image Yuji HORII heart unheart
No voice actors found.