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In present day England, a war is being fought. The average citizen does not notice, but vampires are running rampant among the populace, and it's up to the Hellsing organization to contain the bloodsucker threat, using even their own weapons against them. Alucard, a vampire himself, is the best agent the organization has to offer, answering only to Integra Hellsing herself. No one knows much about this mysterious figure fighting against the occult, but things starts to change after he “recruits” a new agent to the establishment...

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Hellsing Ultimate OVA 2006 TBD
Hellsing Ultimate: Digest for Freaks TV Special 2006 Same Franchise
Hellsing: The Dawn DVD Special 2011 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Hellsing 1998 TBD
Name Role
Toshiharu MURATA Character Design
Umanosuke IIDA Director
Yasushi ISHII Music
Kouta HIRANO Original Manga Creator
Daisuke KAWAKAMI Producer

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In Victorian England it is commonplace for the rich and wealthy to have a staff, led by a head butler, to run their households; the Phantomhive Estate is no different. The young and demanding Count Ciel Phantomhive, child owner of a toy company, lives in the grand countryside manor. Sebastian is his head butler, and the epitome of perfection; he effortlessly and gracefully completes his day-to day chores and fixes the countless mistakes of the other employees. However, whilst on the outside all seems prim and proper, a more sinister secret lies just beneath the surface. Sebastian is in fact a demon bound by a contract with the young count; he will loyally serve and fight for him in return for his soul.

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To be honest i find it strange...but to me Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji really resembles Alucard from Hellsing (in more than one way).Also the atmosphere that these animes create feels quite similar - wicked.Aside the different storylines and time setting, both animes have bloody taste and bits of dark comedy.While Hellsing focuses on  action and bloody scenes, Kuroshitsuji deals with serious problems in a comedic but still macabre way.  The two main protogonists of the shows above are dangerous demonic creatures that must carry out their missions while serving human masters.And they do it...flawlessly and with style.


In both there are demons, which serve humans. Sebastian looks like Alucard, especially when he is in his "fighting mode" and Ciel looks like Integra in her childhood. Phantomhive family serves the Queen and executes her orders, and Ciel is the young successor of this family. So it looks pretty similar to Hellsing, and even if they have different atmosphere, if you enjoy one you will like the other too.


Both series parallel each other so often it's startling.

Both lead males are psychotic monsters, with the insane smiles to prove it, serving under a human master with complete control over them.

The master figures also parallel. Last in a long line of English nobles wit a vendetta against anything threatening their queen. Another parallel, mentioned there, both set in London though Kuro lacks the awesome english dubbing.

Simliar story mix of demon hunting and enough comedy and action to blance each other out


Both anime are talking about evil side servants. About masters and servand realationships. About fighting with evil, power, politic and survining.


Kuroshitsuji and Hellsing are quite different at first glance, but after a while one will notice how similar they actually are.

Both, Hellsing and Kuroshitsuji take place in Great Britain. The Hellsing Organization (led by Integra Hellsing) and Ciel Phantomhive (the main character in Kuroshitsuji) are both dedicated to follow Queen's orders and they have a powerful person out of this world (Alucard, a vampire and Sebastian, a demon) on their side to help them out with their objectives.

The atmosphere in both is dark even though that has been relieved with the means of comedy in Kuroshitsuji, whereas Hellsing has only few humorous parts (and it is dark humor, of course).


When i started to watch Hellsing it just remembered me Kuroshitsuji. The same gothic/dark atmosphere is unique and wonderfull in both animes. Both animes events are situated in London, and both are about strange/mystic creatures. So, if you like dark atmosphere and gothic style with a lot of violence, you can be sure that you will like both of them.


One a vampire and one a demon.  Both serving masters for the excitement they add to their neverending lives.  Alucard and Sebastian are very similar in these ways and more while the shows themselves resemble eachother as well.  They both have a similar mood and allover feel.  Anyone who enjoyed one will most definitely enjoy the other.


Both main characters - Alucard and Sebastian are unstoppable semi-god creatures, They are obeying orders from their masters also their personal character are similar.

Their masters - Ciel and Integra can also be compared eg. they want their orders to be carried out without failure.And in both cases orders are being issued by the queen.

I am sure that if You enjoyed Hellsing - Kuroshitsuji will be good choice for You too.



Okay the plot is very diffrent but something about them reminds me about the other. ex. talking a lot about full loyalty to the queen and some scenes in Hellsing reminded me about some in Kuro..

Also the Integra - Alucard and Sebastian - Ciel relationsship reminds me about each other.

Hellsing is a lot darker, but both are very enjoyable ^^


Take a look at Sebastian. Then, slide your eyes over to Alucard. Notice anything? Both are very skilled fighters, far beyond their human counterparts, and both serve a human master. The anime themselves have a similar feel, with some dark, bloody parts staining the quick-witted English gentlemen banter.


They're very similar in that they both take place in Europe and a powerful family employs a dark creature to do their bidding. The only difference really is that Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) has some comical moments where Hellsing is mostly serious the whole way through. They have a very similar feeling though so if you liked one there's no way you won't like the other.


At first glace Hellsing and Kuroshitsuji might seem different but after watching either you'll start to notice the things they have in common. even the main characters are very similar, both Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and Earl Ciel Phantomhive have that something that makes them different while also relying on some unhuman help (Sebastian and Alucard) to get the job done. Enjoy one and you should watch and enjoy the other.

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Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D
  • Movie (1 ep x 77 min)
  • 1985

Thousands of years in the future, the world is overrun by demons and vampire lords. Doris, a young girl, has become the target of the great vampire lord Count Magnus Lee, who wants her as his plaything. After being bitten by the Count, she seeks the help of D, an elite vampire hunter, who decides he must venture out to slay the Count and his demon underlings to save this girl in despair.

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Great vampire action, similar character setup. If you into this kind of stuff, check it out.
Hellsing takes the cake as one of the more violent vampire anime series I've seen, but what are vampires without blood right? Anyways, this is so action packed with good fights and a completely intrigueing story line, you will be beeeegggging for more once it's over.

If you enjoy the idea of a vampire (or half-vampire in D's case) hunting other vampires, then you will enjoy both Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D. Both also share a sort of similar background idea, but I won't give any spoilers away.

Vampire Hunter D is older and as such, the animation is of a different style than Hellsing, a lot more "80s".


A classic in vampire stories, Vampire Hunter D has great animation for its time and a very attractive story.

It's a good movie for you bloodsucker lovers and lovers of Hellsing!


Both Anime deal with undead types fighting on the side of all that is good, they also throw darker vampiric connections into the mix, that will eventually come back to "bite" our "hero(s)".


Two very dark Anime in which the main characters will battle against demonic hordes of vampires and their minions. Yet all is not as it appears with D and Alucard - clearly they are not just any old warrior, and it is hard at first to judge who's side they are on or if they have their own agenda all together.

Both Anime also have the inclusion of a female character, who also tries their hand at fighting a vampire at some point in the story. The dark and atmospheric sounds help the viewer to appreciate the evil that exists in these stories, and the locations and styles used visually show that all is not well in these lands. Expect the action to come thick and fast, and the blood will flow, as D and Alucard come up against both vampire and human fiends, as well as those that can be described as neither.


For vampire anime, these two sure do have a lot in common. Par the common theme, the main protagonists are both vampires themselves who host a variety of special abilities and are much better in skill and attack than any undead/unsightly creatures they may face - even men. You're instinctively drawn to the both of them even though their motives for killing are never really made clear and there's your big busted blondes in each too if you have a frivolous side to anime viewing. Either way, they're both classic horrors that you really can't afford to miss.


Alucard from Hellsing and D from Vampire Hunter D may probably be the two strongest and/or at least most awesome vampires in anime, so watching one series or another will be a thrill for you, guaranteed.


Vampires - and that should be enough of justification. But I will say more, the same cool way of fighting, sort of "do what you want, but I am winning this battle" pose, and well made plot. These things are the ones that you can enjoy in both of mentioned series :)


Both Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D are... well if you haven't guessed it based on Vampires and their annihilation. Both have a dark and gothic type of story that will envelope you. Hopefully not to a point that causes you to wear black and try to suck the blood of your victims, but it that's your thing... then who am I to judge. Vampire Hunter D is one that should be watched.


If you want to watch vampire's helping man defend itself from Hell than look no further. In both anime the protagonist is a Vampire who utterly destroys his foe's before him and with good action animition to accompany the experience.


Both of them feature a more mature and serious Vampire tale Thank Go.. yea. But I found both hard to sit through. However they are levels above any Vamp Anime recently. Although Hellsing is "newer" they are both classics and should be watched as such.

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Rokuro Okajima is a small-time salaryman who is carrying documents for his company, when the ship he's traveling on is attacked by pirates. Kidnapped, he discovers to his dismay that his employers' main concern is to ensure the documents don't get into the wrong hands, even if it means sending the carrier to the bottom of the sea. Now, with his former life ruined and his kidnappers seeming comparatively friendly, "Rock" decides to join their merry band of mercenaries, and sets out with a new career to the shadier corners of the South China Sea.

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Lots of gun battles, violence, and adult characters and themes. Can be pretty funny at times too.

The thing that connects Hellsing and Black Lagoon is the number of neat gunfights, weird enemies and the smile on Revy and Alucard's faces when they kill. Most likely because of that, when you watch one you will think of the other one. You can blame it also on some few minor plot elements that those series share. Definitely you should try watching this one if you liked the other.

P.S. The same thing goes for Hellsing Ultimate OVA.


Both anime have a great amount of firearm usage, plus a deep story in some part of the anime. If you like firearms in action anime, then both of these anime are good for you.


Both Black Lagoon and Hellsing carry that classic "badass" factor that makes them almost automatically entertaining. While Helling carries a fairly stereotypical vampire plot, however, Black Lagoon has a very strong caste of characters to coincide with a decent storyline, and thus would be the stronger of the two. If unequivocal awesomeness is what you're looking for, Alucard/Revy are two main characters whom are sure not to disappoint.


It's not the genre so much that binds the two but the attitudes of their unlikely protagonists. Both are very raw, grittier looks at fighting, the underworld and foes and host a mass of well executed fight scenes that really show us where one can derive pleasure by kicking someone else's ass. Revy & Alucard are just too cool for school (pardon my use of this 90s street phrase).


The main point of contact between these two anime are two fo the characters; Revy (Black Lagoon) and Alucard (Hellsing). Not only do they have the same smile, but the same attitudes, and one thinks it'be easy to have them exchange places.

Both anime are packed with violence, death, and a great deal of superb firearms battles.

They differenciate from eachother by Hellsing dealing with vampires and the supernatural, while Black Lagoon deals with more down-to-the-earth modern pirate situations.

As long as you are in for a good and violent moment, either one will provide you with what you need.


I can give you one reason, why if watched the one you should watch the other... and that is GUNS! Both anime have a lot of guns and gun shoots, violence, action and characters you're gonna love! So yeah, give it a try.


Even though the stories aren't alike, they still have similarities: Badasses, woman/boys in a strange environment and a lot of blood! Don't call yourself an otaku if you haven't watched both!


While Black Lagoon may not have the supernatural aspect that Hellsing has, it does have the massive amount of fighting. Both Revy and Alucard show little to no hesitation before jumping into an all out brawl. They are usually accompanied by a less trigger-happy partner (Rock or Seras). Both anime center around an organization that acts as a mercenary unit, and both are set in a world that is less than ideal.


Same mercenary-style plot with right amount of anti-heros. Botch dark-themed with a single character trying to find the good in a world full of evil. Also, in Black Lagoon, if watching you the subbed version you get to hear Revvie[spelling?] say a few phrases in English, which is just plain-out HOT. I belive the same happpens a few times in Helsing, but don't quite remember[I originally saw the dubbed version].


crazy violent gun battles, quirky/original characters. both shows can take the turn from silly to flat out serious moments. one's about supernatural while the other is about "real" Pirating in south China sea, but if you like one you'll def like the other. 

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Born beneath the gallows tree from which his dead mother hung, Guts has always existed on the boundary between life and death. After enduring a terrible childhood, he spends his adulthood in brutal combat, pitting his strength against others in order to build his own. Life is simple enough for Guts until he meets Griffith, the inspirational, ambitious, and beautiful leader of the mercenaries, the Band of the Hawks. When Guts loses to Griffith in a duel, he is forced to join the group, and, despite himself, finds a sense of camaraderie and belonging amongst them. However, as Griffith leads his soldiers from victory to victory, the bloody wars and underhanded politics reveal a side to him that nobody quite expected. Can Guts, a simple warrior, defend those who have come to mean the most to him, all the while struggling not to lose to the darkness he has carried with him his entire life?

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Berserk is the series that I would recomend to Hellsing lovers because of its dark style of animation, battle against supernatural forces, gratuitous violence and somewhat similar music.


Berserk and Hellsing - both give the viewer a strong feeling, and they are almost impossible to not get caught up in. And why watch an anime, but for that special feeling that sends shivers down our spines? Watch these two series, and hurry up! You can't miss them for much longer!

the power of both give off this "kick ass vibe" strength, power, bloodlust. all descibe both perfectly. as well as detailed animation you might enjoy both of these.. not to mention big weapons ... we all like big weapons..

Both are series with supernatural elements; in Hellsing, it's vampires, and in Berserk, it's monsters. Both consist of strong female characters, creepy settings, nice background music, crazy moments, and wonderful casts. I can strongly recommend Berserk to most Hellsing lovers.  


Berserk and Hellsing have a lot of action and some rather hellish themes. Oh, and blood; did I mention blood? Well, both are not for those weak in the stomach. Berserk does take place in a much more primitive time, but to me the two series are similar in the aura that they exude.


Both anime carry heavy, mature themes. If you are desiring something other than "kiddie" anime, then either one of these will be to your liking.


These two have supernatural plot and lots of battle scenes. They show war between two powers, with a little bit scarry and dark atmosphere. Emotional issues are also to be found.


Beyond the badassery that other people mention, the characters of Gatts from Berserk and Alucard from Hellsing are similar in the fact that they both generally fight for the challenge it presents, though both do end up following orders in a larger organization. If you liked ones competitive nature and the fights they ended up in, you should try out the other.


Both great shows. I think the biggest similarity is the dark style that both these animes are made in. They both become complicated, and are very addictive. Also both are quite violent.


The characters are well developed andpainfullyintriguing in both series, very dark and full of psychological and good ol' fashion hack-n-slash horror. Gauranteed to traumatize anyone who thinks the world is a happy, shiny place full of bunnies and hugs. 

[SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT] Beserk is deffinately for people who love a movie where, like in real life, the final credits don't roll until you're dead, and Helsing may have a happier ending, but that's like saying Dr. Mengele had more sympathy than Hitler.



“Vash, the Stampede” - worth 60 billion dollars to the one who can turn him in. Bounty hunters everywhere are on the lookout for this legendary gunman, not to mention insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who are tasked with preventing any potential damage that this Vash can cause. But with 60 billion on his head, Vash is not an easy man to find.

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Something struck me as similar when I saw a guy in a red overcoat with a bad-ass silver gun in one hand and yellow sunglasses. Okay, so he doesn't have Vash's hair, but Alucard is still a bad-ass character. Based on that alone, I think you'd like Trigun. Also the music is the same kind of bluesy music, so if you like the laid back "I'm a badass" type atmosphere, they are quite the same.
Two bad asses in red being all bad ass with gunfighting bad assedness. What more could you want? Basically, as comedic as Trigun is, Vash is a perfect antithetical yet comparable protagonist to Alucard.
Well, there is, for one, the remarkable similarity in animation that connect these two series. And both have the same strange mixture of humor and seriousness. The main characters of Hellsing and Trigun are both one-of-their-kind great suberb thingies, that are in reality looking for someone as good as them to duel with. And they are cool, I loved Vash's high moral as much as I loved Alucard's immorality. One thing that increases the coolness and similarity of these caracters is the age, they both look young but have a lifespan of centuries as their curse (or blessing?).
The hero in Hellsing has many things in common with Vash, he is strong, mighty and alone. Vash is the manifestation of all good or at least he tries too. Alucard on the other hand is a really bad guy that turned to the good and now serves the forces of the good.

Although the lead characters' personalities may differ, both series are about a guy in a long red coat with a gun that's a bit too big. Trigun will give you a lot more laughs then Hellsing but both Hellsing and Trigun have tons of action and an engaging story to them (Trigun has a deeper story in my opinion). If you like one you will most likely be a fan of the other.


Vash in his red clothing and glasses really resembles Alucard, but even more like one other religious character from "Hellsing". Sometimes it even seems that Vash came into the "Hellsing" series to act as Alucard. However both anime are full of action, some funny moments and both main characters really enjoy their destiny. And also in the end it turns out that both characters have something mysterious to hide...


Badass immortal grandmaster gunslingers with long red coats and cool round yellow sunglasses... of course!

No, what really made me connect Hellsing and Trigun is that they share a similar musical soundscape. If music is something you pay attention to, and you liked the soundtrack of one, you'd like the other. Be warned that the tone and genre are very different.


Kouta Hirano who made Hellsing were quite inspired by Vash the stampede's look, Vash and Alucard are also quite similar in many ways, for eksamble the big red coat, yellow sunglasses a cool attitude. (even though vash fools around most of the time)

the soundtracks are also quite similar, both opening song and background music. (rock/jazz like music)

to put it simply, if you like hellsing, then you should watch trigun


These series have the same type of action, but the main characters personas are different. As in Trigun, Vash, doesn't like to kill people--but yet has killed millions with a billion d-dollars on his head. As in Hellsing, Alucard, he loves to kill and have vamparic powers with a master he must obey.

Oh and the main characters both wear red coats and googles/glasses. Both of these series are great and are packed with enough action to satisfy you on your viewing journey.


The protagonist is a gunwielding, rec-cloak wearing, sunglasses donning badass whose attitude often doesn't match his setting. Alucard is a smartass and sarcastic, Vash is a goofball that loves donuts. But, put them to the test, and they always win.

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