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In present day England, a war is being fought. The average citizen does not notice, but vampires are running rampant among the populace, and it's up to the Hellsing organization to contain the bloodsucker threat, using even their own weapons against them. Alucard, a vampire himself, is the best agent the organization has to offer, answering only to Integra Hellsing herself. No one knows much about this mysterious figure fighting against the occult, but things starts to change after he “recruits” a new agent to the establishment...

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Hellsing 1998 TBD
Name Role
Toshiharu MURATA Character Design
Umanosuke IIDA Director
Yasushi ISHII Music
Kouta HIRANO Original Manga Creator
Daisuke KAWAKAMI Producer

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In times of olde, humans live in constant fear of demons known as yoma. These vicious creatures can take the appearance and memories of humans they have devoured, thus blending into society as they freely feast on human flesh. The key to stopping the yoma lies with the tolerated yet feared Claymores - women who are half-demon, half-human, and fully fated to become the demons that they hunt. Meanwhile, in a village, the young Raki has been banished; his only crime was losing his family to the yoma. Raki is drawn to a Claymore named Clare, and together their journey begins. While Clare fights the yoma plaguing the land, can Raki help her in her struggle to retain her humanity?

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Claymore is a great next step for someone who has watched Hellsing. A major similarity between the two is the interpersonal relationship of master and apprentice. The apprentice portion is more emphasized in Hellsing, but is found in Claymore. A breaking point for some people will be the era in which Claymore is set in, contrasting to Hellsing which is set in modern times; Claymore takes part in a more medieval era. There is no lack of gore in Claymore which casts a brutal light upon everyday life for Raki (a co-main-character). Claymore will be enjoyed by people who liked Hellsing; with the exception of the people who watched Hellsing for the vampires -- they might still be interested in Claymore.


While Hellsing and Claymore are different as far as plot, both have a certain coolness and style to them that can't be beat. Hellsing is a lot more crude animation-wise, but still, it and Claymore have an undoubtedly awesome style. If you liked one, try out the other.


Both Claymore and Hellsing have unnatural beings which power up the story line, and each anime keeps you surprised each time you learn something new. Each deals with the fight between light and dark, with both main characters using the other side's "method" to defeat them.


Claymore and Hellsing present a unique view on monsters. For example, vampires and monsters are often shown as being uber-powerful creatures, but Hellsing and Claymore take them to the next level; they've never been this awesome and powerful! Claymore has an original explanation of how the monsters came to exist, as well. In general, the feelings of darkness and fear you'll get are alike in both anime.  


Claymore and Hellsing have a lot in common. Both have insane monsters, enough blood spilled to make the Atlantic Ocean look like a puddle in comparison, insane action, and an excellent plot to tie it all together. Claymore has more "emotion" to it, as there is a good amount of drama in the series that isn't in Hellsing. However, both are quite excellent and I figure that the difference between a gun and a sword won't make much of a difference to anyone. As long as there is blood spilled, it's all good, right?


Seras Victoria (Hellsing) and Raki (Claymore) have both seen much bloodshed already in their young lives, and have both been victims of its awful consequences, events which are shown at the very beginning of both series. As a result of this, Raki decides to follow the demon-slayer Clare, and Seras Victoria begins to see Alucard as her natural master, presenting us with the beginnings of a potentially strong-bonded ‘Master and Underling' relationship. In this relationship we often see an uncharacteristic level of care for the underling by the master, implying that both Clare and Alucard are not as inhuman as they would have everyone believe, yet their quite frankly demonic powers would make one question the level of humanity residing within each character. Raki and Seras Victoria must also endure the pain of seeing their masters commit themselves fully in each battle, putting their very lives on the line each time, whilst still thirsting demonically for even more bloodshed.

There is also the influence of an organization in guiding our main characters on their adventures, but we will often be forced to question if the organization is merely using our protagonists and do they actually have no deeper care for them beyond requirements of battle? Both plots are twisted frequently, and friends may appear to be enemies and vice versa before the end of the journey is reached. The sounds and visuals we are presented with are used cleverly and appropriately to build a sinister and foreboding environment for the story to be played out within. Expect plenty of bloodshed and limb hacking in both Anime, with some special techniques thrown in that help to keep each battle interesting and different from the one before.


Claymore and Hellsing are very similair in many ways. Nonstop action, an intricate plotline, and an outstanding government group dedicated to destroying Demons and Ghouls to protect the innocent. Violence and humor are both present in small doses in each Anime and characterization is top notch. All in all, if you enjoyed Hellsing, you would do well to watch Claymore, and if you enjoyed Claymore, you would do well to watch Hellsing.


Both are very violent and both are very well written. Rather than a solid reason, it's really just a hunch that you will like them both. I enjoyed both very much.

Again we have a secret, nameless society who have found an edge on the enemy. Hellsing uses Vampires to kill Vampires and Claymore uses half demon hybrids to kill demons.


The main character of Claymore is a real pusher and considering the war-crazed Alucard I think you might like this series also. All though the diferance is that in Claymore they try to use the least brute force possible to solve each situation, and then Alucard's quite the opposite but in short. Claymore's = Sword swinging, Hell bringing


Intrigued by things that go bump in the night, and you don't live in a black and white world? Sometimes blood-thirsty monsters make the best heroes. Both of these series are set in innovative worlds where you get to cheer for your hero to prove that s/he is the strongest inhuman killer.


Both have gore scenes grat action ,great fighting scenes ... And very interesting storyline ... In both anime main characters are very interesting with own way of thinking ... GReaT ANIME FOR DEMONS SLASHING FANS :)Anime for people who like blood , flying bodies and superpowers ... For people who like very good characters with interesting history ... For anime fans with strong nerves ...


Another dark style sort of anime. Both are quite violent. I felt towards the end of claymore it starts to fall behind compared with hellsing. Nevertheless, if u liked hellsing, i think u are likely to enjoy claymore or vice versa.


Hellsing and Claymore share many things in common, both of them have similar plot elements, both of them are intense horror, bloody, violent shows featuring superhuman beings (like vampires in Hellsing and demons in Claymore). In both animes we see main protagonists possessing supernatural powers, making use of them to protect man-kind and kill their own kind. Both animes deal with a struggle between good and evil. If you liked one of this shows then be sure to check the other one as well.


While the two may differ in terms of plot both give off an amazing atmosphere that just draws the viewer in that makes it hard to stop watching at any point.  With both stories taking place in supernatural worlds and following people who's job it is to elimanate the threats that threaten the humans that live in that world.


There's no doubt you'll enjoy Claymore if you're a fan of Hellsing. Assuming demons, gore, and action are your thing (but are quite happy to leave behind the trite British references), Claymore will deliver them in bucket loads and all with hefty side orders of excellent characterisation and a meaningful plot.


Both Claymore and Hellsing involve an organization that hunts and destroys a demonic-like force. And the hunters of these organizations have the blood of the creature they hunt. Both anime are dark and gritty with a twisted sense of humor.


Dark twist and amazing story line, these two are similar, mature and actiony. Lots of  justice, gore, learning, and epicness.

Hellsing, just like Claymore, has a inhuman main chacter who has a poor reception form their peers becuase of a certain attriubute. Both have a 'innocent' character follows our portagnist and learns the truth of the world they live in along the journey coming to their own conclusions about life.


The anime both have similar styles in both writing and animation.  They both deal heavilty in the realms of the supernatural and tend toward the darker side of storytelling.  Both are animated in a similar, Gothic, style.

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Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood

In a post-apocalyptic future, Abel Nightroad does occasional dangerous work for the Vatican, to whom he is extremely loyal. While the apocalyptic war has long been over, humanity is still entrenched in a shadow war against the vampires. Lady Catherine, the leader of his operations group "AX," seeks to prevent a renewed full-scale conflict, but there are many forces on both sides bent towards war. As Abel and the rest of AX try to stop this, he encounters a young girl who will be the key to humanity's survival or demise. Now, Abel must not only fight for humanity, but also try to face his regrettable past...

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If you want to try Hellsing-like vampires and violence with a little comedy mixed in, take a look at Trinity Blood. Trinity Blood is like a combination of Hellsing and Trigun. If you took Alucard's fighting character, but made him look like a bumbling fool during everyday life, you'd have Trinity Blood's Abel. Cardinal Caterina, Abel's superior, also reminds me a lot of Lady Integra. Both series also have a religious emphasis, though Abel is a priest working for the Vatican. Trinity Blood does have more comedy and cute (not super-cutesy, but cute) characters, so if you're just into the more hardcore violence/horror type stuff, if might not be for you. But if you're interested in straddling genres, you may want to give it a try.


Both series involve a character that is one of the "others" in order to fight the enemy (that is to say, each are vampires who fight other vampires). They also unwittingly drag in a female lead who ends up playing a significant role in helping them.


If you like uber vampires, religious zealots, amazing character development and a complex plot, both of these anime will be a total treat!


If you liked Hellsing (or Trinity Blood), you should watch the other as well because they are both about vampires, talk (*cough*bad*cough*) about the church, and have a touch of fun and a lot of seriousness to them. Trinity Blood has more girls in it though. XD


Are you looking for another anime in which a vampire works for a hidden organization, to protect humans from his own kind? If so, Hellsing and Trinity Blood are the anime for you!


Both Hellsing and Trinity Blood are anime about humans versus vampires, and both of the main characters are also super-powerful vampires that work for the human vampire-fighting organizations. There's also plenty of action, fighting and blood to go around.


Vampires are sexy. They are even more so when they get "tamed" and fight beside humans against their own kind. Alucard and Abel are both creatures that fit this description, taking note that Alucard doesn't hold back on his powers and delights us with more demonstrations of his strength than Abel does. If you like vampires, I recommend both of these anime.


Trinity Blood and Hellsing can be described as vampire stories with somewhat unorthodox Christian imagery. TB has more humour and is less bloody, it also caters a likable hero in a glamorous fantasy set; Hellsing takes place in a much more realistic world, is quite heavy on the gore factor and sports an anti-hero with a dose of edgy cynicism. Political schemes play an important part in these series and they both lack a clear resolution, making for rather weak endings.


Both Trinity Blood and Hellsing are good, strong vampire anime. Both the main characters go out and fight the creatures of the night, which gives them friends, but they have to destroy their foe's as well.

In short: If you like the one, you will like the other.


Hellsing and Trinity Blood are 2 anime about Vampires. Although they present them in a different way, Humans VS Vampires and Vampires VS Vampires battles are all over the place in both anime. Apart from that, some of the characters are similar. For Example, Caterina-Sama, the woman to whom Abel Nightroad (the main character of T.B.) answers to, reminds fairly enough Integra-Sama, the woman to whom Alucard answers to. Both of them are strong and are determined about fullfiling their duty towards their country. All in all, I think that you'll like one of those vampire anime if you liked the other!


Par the joint obvious vampire theme, a softer, more comical approach to vampirism can be found in Trinity Blood whilst still in appreciation of the political context of Hellsing.


Vampires killing vampires. Is there anything more badass than that? Both series feature this. The protagonists are both powerful vampires in the service of the Church, have "release stages", a female companion, a female director to take orders from, and a troublesome past. If you liked the other, or like vampires and cool characters in general, you'll surely like this one too.


Vampires taking over the world because human weapons are not enough to stop them. That's exactly the line of thinking these 2 series share in addition of simmilar "main guys" with secret abilities and a taste for vampire killings. If you are into the "I'm the boss and you vampire are not any longer" kind of anime (even after those blood suckers had a really good time) seasoned wit some really sweet/attractive anime girls as main aids, this are your series.


A very obvious recommendation, but when you see both shows, you will understand why. Lots of ass-kicking vampires set in a dark and not too distant future, both Hellsing and Trinity Blood will appeal to violence junkies. With the characters being the main source of attraction in both, I'm sure fans of one will love the other.


Both are series of Vampires vs. Humans. Both AX and the Hellsing organisation, are secret organisations, with religious influances (more so for AX as it is a Vatican secret organisation). Both of these organisations employ greater beings in there missions. Abel and Alucard are very much alike, with Abel being more cheerful and clumsy from day to day. Both of these characters have a female side kick and both answer to noble mistresses (Cardinal Catrina and Sir Integra)

Both sereis have brilliant develpoment, and character.


Scary creatures, vampires and Wacko religous groups, what;s not to love. Hellsing features a somewhat more grotesque post-apocalipic war between humans and vampires than Trinity Blood but both are excelant shows with awesome characters, even better plots and are still short enough to watch in a few days. Hellsing vampire freaks should check out trinity blood hey your might even catch a few refrences to some historical vampire stoies and the same goes for fans on trinity blood if your up for a few good hours of noir vampire slaughter i suggest that Hellsing be your first stop.


Both of these anime involve a super-powered vampire who takes a young woman under his wing. There is a power struggle between vampires and humans. The super-powered vampire works for a vampire-hunting organization, and uses power levels when fighting.


So far Trinity Bloods looks like a mix between Devil May Cry and Hellsing, specially Abel Nightroad which share several traits with both Alucard and Dante.

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Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin

STN is a secret organization charged with capturing witches of all ages who misuse their inate ability of the Craft. Its newest recruit is a young girl named Robin, who wields the same power that she is helping to control. While skillful at their ability to detain quickly, the number of witches keeps seeming to increase, and the misuse of power grows stronger, casting a shadow of doubt as to what is really going on. For STN, there is much work ahead, and for Robin, her troubles are just beginning...

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WHR has a very similar feel to the darker tones of Hellsing. It takes itself seriously but still has an interesting cast of characters. If you liked Hellsing, you might like WHR.

Obviously the first series that comes to mind when comparing to Hell§ing. Instead of vampires hunting lesser vampirse, witches are hunting other witches. In Witch Hunter Robin, an elite group of witches, (some are called "craft users,") hunt down other witches when the government discovers that their powers have manifested. Imagine a world-wide bureau that keeps a genetic record of every person who will eventually develop "supernatural" powers.. and when the person, come puberty or so, manages to unlock his/her powers, that government bureau kills him/her. That is the beginning of Witch Hunter Robin... an interesting series with a few twists, to say the least.

Hellsing is very similar in its plot, except with vampires, rather than witches. It also is a bit more action oriented than WHR, but still interesting if you enjoy this kind of plot.

So the main character in both of these is fighting against some form of their own kind using their powers and killing the "bad guys". Both are very deep plotted and great character development and lots of neat suprises.
Fighting fire with fire, Alucard and Robin each stand against their own kind for the sake of the rest of us. both of these series are explore the darkness of the human spirit and try to show us that there's light in it all. both of these are highly-recommended, must-see anime
These two series seem to begin in the same kind of situation, but they develope in different ways. Still the same themes remain, like the question of what is the difference between the hunter and the hunted. They both also have their own version of the imaginary today world, not only a normal world where the magic is suddenly found. Oh, and then there is the dark atmosphere and colours, of course.
Witches or Vampires both are mystical beeings that have and strange and compelling aura to them. Yet we are facinated by these creatures. Both Hellsing and WHR have the same kind of dark feeling to them. And both are to anime series.
Excellent characterisations and superb plots make Hellsing and Witch Hunter Robin must see's. Taking the "it takes one to know one" theme, both series utilise the main character as a weapon against their own kind, be it witch or vampire. I would say that WHR takes itself more seriously, especially with art and animation style but in retrospect Hellsings style can be considered unique also. Great plots, soundtracks and characters both.
The mood has the same dark, but organic grittyness that is seen most often in WHR, and the slightly goth tone of the characters follows. The music also keeps up with WHR standars as does the sound (but dont expect quite as much from the animation quality) The basis is pretty close too, being a small elite organization that takes on evil (witches for WHR, vampires for Hellsing)

Both series are dark and have similar animation, with a plot that is generally episodic; although WHR is more episodic than Hellsing. Hellsing uses a vampire to catch other vampires and in WHR, a witch catches fellow witches -- obviously a similar premise. I do think that WHR is generally better done than Hellsing, so this recommendation may only work one way for some people.


Both Witch Hunter Robin and Hellsing have a similar style: action, talk, action. Both anime maintain the same dark and frightening atmosphere while staying calm and cool. Hellsing has more of a horror approach, with more gore and less dialogue, but in the end the two anime are very similar.


Both titles have an element of a clandestine orginastion battling against the forces of evil (that are both vampire). Both have in your face combat with supernatural powers.


Witch Hunter Robin has witches and Hellsing goes with vampires. Both anime series have a dark milieu and bombs you with mysteries, so go on and watch this series too!


I find the characters from Hellsing and Witch Hunter Robin similar enough that they could both be in the same world. Similar still, I feel, are the characters of Robin, from Witch Hunter Robin and Celes Victoria from Hellsing. Both are strong female characters that end up fighting creatures just like themselves, while questioning who and what they are/have become. If you enjoyed either character in their respective setting, I am sure you will like the other.


Both are anime that deal with supernatural beings and have a conflict about what is morally right to do, both great anime.


The two both have an amazing mythology to them. Though Hellsing is bloodier and darker in a different way then Witch Hunter Robin is (I feel Witch Hunter is more of a Fantasy where as Hellsing is a Horror) they both a quite great compliments to one another.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry

Dante works as a demon hunter for the office of Devil May Cry, and as he is always in debt he doesn't have the luxury to turn down jobs as long as they pay well. His latest assignment is to be a bodyguard for the young Patty Lowe while she receives her inheritance. During the mission he was able to defeat the demons that got in his way and deliver Patty safely, but upon completion of the mission Dante discovers that Patty will be staying with him – indefinitely! Now, Dante must not only hunt demons and coexist peacefully with other hunters, but also handle the responsibility of taking care of a little girl!

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Both Hellsing and Devil May Cry are dark and gothic, and take place in worlds that are much alike and seem to be set in the same period. Both have tough, cool (although different) main characters that fight against dark forces but are themselves a lot like their enemies, and have vampires and demons.


Nearly everything in one reminds me of the other. Dante and Alucard are very alike. Both of these half demons enjoy their hunting and these anime are all about displaying their inhuman skills. As if the hardcore fighting and badass characters aren't enough to persuade you, there is also a very similar atmosphere in both Hellsing and Devil May Cry.


Both DMC and Hellsing are quite dark and have light elements of humor and their fair share of gore. Each is based around a similar background, as well.


Alucard and Dante are very similar to each other. First at all they have big guns and great powers; they're also bored and want to find an equal opponent and perfect competition. If you like characters who get involved in crazy fights with monsters, these are a good choice.


Since I first saw a mere screenshot of Devil May Cry, I was instantly reminded of Hellsing. The most striking resemblance between the two shows for me was the main characters of each. Even now I find myself close to referring to Dante as Alucard; both bear definitively anithero characteristics, wear red trench coats, and fight with duel pistols against evil creatures that are essentially their own kind.

Having seen more of DMC, I would call Dante a (slightly) more human, compassionate version of Alucard, and DMC a (once again, slightly) more humorous and light version of Hellsing.

So, if you enjoy shows (of a fairly episodic nature) featuring overpowered, badass, stoic main characters, intense gunfights/fight sequences, and bizarre looking, demonic creatures, I'd recommend you watch either series. To me, they are inexorably linked.


Both anime are intense and full of fights. Lord Alucard and Dante are special, one is a vampire and the other is a devil! They use weapons like guns and swords and obviously their abilities to defeat their enemies. So if you like those type of anime you have to watch both of those series!!


Both anime are eerily alike, may it be the animation, the sound, even the characters are similar(both the good ones and the bad). Both will have you wanting more, as both leave you with a feeling of nagging unsatisfaction, since both have limited episodes.


Most every die hard anime fan has watched Hellsing and most people have heard of the demon killing game Devil May Cry. Both are amazing animes with demons, blood, and cocky main characters.

Both main characters (Alucard: Hellsing Dante:Devil May Cry) have hidden powers that they use throughout the anime while killing demons and vampires. If you liked one you would like the other.


Both main characters are anti-heros, weilding guns, and willing to kill their own race. They hide their feelings for anyone. The atmospheres are very dark, with tons of action and gore, (directed at an older audience).


If you like one of these anime but haven't seen the other, you should watch the other one as well.

Devil May Cry shows extreme ways to kill and destroy demons and monsters.

Hellsing shows how a monster can survive a hellish beating and still kill an opponent in cold blood.


Both "Devil May Cry"(DMC for short) and "Hellsing" are very similar. Gothic graphical style, dark tones shows that both series are about killing bad guys even being one of them.

Main heroes, Dante from DMC and Alucard From Hellsing wear red coat, has almost identical dual pistols (white and black).

So if you liked you of them, you must watch other.


Fans of either Hellsing or Devil May Cry should give the other a try when in need of more stylish, cocky demon-killin' fun. Alucard and Dante have respectively huge egos and even bigger guns and always have something smart to say when laying waste to minions of Hell. DMC minimises the gore in favour of style but both do deliver on a dark, moody look.


Both of these anime feature rather sarcastic protagonists that fight against their own kind. They also end up saving a girl that follows them around, whether they want her there or not. With interesting battles, a dark setting, and wicked monsters, these two anime make a great pair.


Both main characters have badass guns and the they hunt monsters. So if you like a cool guy killing monsters then these are for you.

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In world where flesh-eating monsters roam the streets, only one organization has the means to save civilization from annihilation: Red Shield, a specially-organized unit designed to fight these monsters, and the only weapon that can destroy them: Saya. Awakened from a 30-year sleep, Saya is thrust into a modern world which she has no memories of, and is troubled by a past filled only with bloodshed and sadness. With the undying love and support of her family and friends, she struggles to gain the strength to move forward and regain the pieces of her shattered memories.

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The story in Blood+ is similar to Hellsing in that vampires are recruited in order to control the population of blood-thirsty villains.  However, it's sometimes hard to know whether or not the organization is playing with fire, and whether they can really win in the end.


If you liked Hellsing you'd also like Blood+ because both anime are about killing vampires, and they also have an equal amount of action in them. As for the plot they are pretty similar to each other however the outcomes are different from each other.


Well if you like vampire anime both Hellsing and Blood+ give you as much vampire action as you can handle. If you like blood and guts mixed with vampire sucking action I think you will love these anime.


Blood+ may be a lot longer than Hellsing and because of the character development it may not always be the perfect recommendation. There are times, however, when both main characters will not stop at anything to take down their own race. Blood/gore and a slowly unfolding mysterious main character are two things that these anime have in common though.


Both of these anime feature blood, guts and gore. Hellsing provides this at an almost constant rate, and Blood+ never lets the entertainment die either. Both have catchy one liners and the plot of Blood+ will keep you guessing.


Both titles have an element of a clandestine orginastion battling against the forces of evil (that are both vampire). Both have in your face combat with supernatural powers.


Two unwilling heroines, unaware of the path that fate has chosen for them, will soon be awakening in full to their vampiric destiny. Each is guided by a mysterious and initially silent mentor with a past that is shrouded in darkness, and also by an organization that needs the skills and powers of our main characters in order to prevail.

You will find both of these Anime will feel very dark and atmospheric, and although their weapons of choice may differ, the race is on for both of our heroines to unravel the twisting plots and schemes of the various factions whilst continuing to engage their enemies in bloody battles. The two stories see the action concentrating in countries outside the writers' native Japan, with England and France being a common favorite, and naturally because of the vampiric influences a lot of the action takes place at night or in darkened locations. Our protagonists will find themselves wondering if the organization they have become such a key part of is really the right place for them to be, as they struggle to embrace their new lives and leave their old ordinary, human, lives behind.


It's not just vampirism and darkness which makes these two similar - because both explore these themes with quite a different attitude. Blood+ the more emotional & friendship based where the decision to fight is long-thought and mostly unavoidable and unwanted. Hellsing tends to be quite more about erratic behaviours, wanting to fight for blood lust and the thrill of the hunt. So what links the two apart from the main theme? Firstly, acts of violence are strategic, part of the actions of a wider organisation which are there to protect humanity at whatever cost deemed necessary. Secondly, they are creatively animated - fighting sequences obviously well designed and planned by the producers, ultimately a thrill to observe. Finally, neither anime sticks to the usual ‘vampires suck blood then someone becomes a vampire' ideal but instead is about the many kinds of creatures and demons that can emerge from darkness, including man.


The obvious shared content (vampires) between these two series is an obvious link, albeit the only one, so if you like vampires, you'd probably like either of these.


Both of these series were exceptionally well done. Though dark and violent in their theme and tone, they both offer much more than their blood and guts appearance. Blood+ and Hellsing both offer heroines who are uncomfortable (to say the least) with the newly discovered natures. Showing themselves to be vulnerable in the face of the increasing chaos surrounding them, they finally show the strength needed to carry out the destinies fate has dealt them.


Full of action, voilence, and blood, with little side trips of humor mixed in. Each tells a tale of two immortal vampires battling evil to save the world from being over run by creatures of the night. Having humans that they turned help in this dier matter. Serving humans as their weapon to stop the creatures and to keep the truth hidden from the world.  


The stories of Blood+ and Hellsing revolve around vampires and have a rather dark atmosphere.