Heavy Metal L-Gaim

Alt title: Juusenki L-Gaim

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Five Star Stories

Five Star Stories

The Joker Cluster is a group of 4 solar systems, inhabited by thousands of countries and millions of people. Amongst the kingdoms, men called Headd Liners pilot mecha known as Mortar Headd, which are also manned by fatima, android women who act as the bridge between the machine and its pilot. Ladios Sopp is a young man on his way to an android auction, where he hopes to retrieve a fatima from his past, Lachesis. But retrieving her will be no easy task, and along the way, he will meet new friends and make new enemies before reaching his goal.

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Funkgun Funkgun says...

The Mecha creator of Metal L-Gaim did the story of Five Star Stories. It is looked at as an inspired story for FSS.

Not going to lie, Five Star Stories does a better job in it's short run than L-Gaim. Still, it has some positives to it. 

The overall feel of the designs and animation is very similar. If you have ever wanted Five Star to be longer (and don't have time to read the manga) L-Gaim might be for you. However, if you wanted to see a higher quality animated title that seems like L-Gaim, you might want to check out Five Star.