Hayate the Combat Butler!!

TV (25 eps)
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For most people, saving their master from the Sicilian Mafia would be cause for a well-earned rest. For Hayate, however, there's no time for slacking! As new perils, new foes and new challenges appear, Hayate must be more focused than ever in order to protect Nagi... and maybe even get a chance to do some cleaning! Racing a marathon, conquering a dungeon, fighting a giant robot - it's all in a day's work for a butler!

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kenikki Oct 6, 2009
Score 5/10

Story: 3.5/10 Well, I like the initial premise of this show. It's silly and fun. But now, what actually plays on that premise is just like half of the series. The other half is that godawful harem part, which I've noticed is actually most of it's fans favorite aspect of the show. As for me, I definitely prefer the previous, "premise" side of the series, which although is also cut into... read more

Kingofthekickasses's avatar
Kingofthekickasses Aug 11, 2016
Score 10/10

Pretty much just like the first part of the series. I noticed a slight difference in the animation it wasnt as bad as the first one. The story is hilarious and very straight forward. I loved the series and if like harem then you will like this as well overall 9/10. read more

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