Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl

DVD Special (6 eps x 4 min)
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Saoko Andou is an extremely flaky young girl; not only does she refer to herself as a megaklutz, but she’s also regularly late for school. One particular day Saoko is running late yet again and in her hurry to make it to school on time, she forgets to put on her underwear! As she progresses through the day, she hopes with all her might that she will avoid accidentally exposing herself to her classmates. However, with simple actions such as climbing a flight of stairs and getting changed for gym class posing a huge threat, can Saoko make it through the day with her dignity intact?

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FreddyCrab's avatar by FreddyCrab on Dec 27, 2011
Score 4/10

Story: NOTE- I HAVE NOT WATCHED THE ORIGINAL HATSUKOI LIMITED, I READ A BIT OF THE MANGA BUT DROPPED IT AFTER TWO VOLUMES. So then, Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl is......pervy. Thats one way to explain it. But it was fun to watch. Cut into 6 short 5 minute or so episodes, this tells the story of a girl (Saoko or something?) who goes to school, then realises shes forgotten to wear any panties, so up her skirt... read more

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