Hatsukoi Limited

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Ayumi, Kei, Koyoi, Rika and Nao are five middle school friends whose hot topic of conversation is, as always, love. Ayumi dreams of having a boy confess to her and can't understand the idea that receiving unwanted confessions can be troublesome. She even believes that she will happily accept any guy who approaches her - that is, until she receives a love letter from Misao, a large, delinquent high school boy whose very presence makes small children cry! Not wanting to date him but too scared to reject him, Ayumi has no idea what to do, especially when Misao, now nicknamed Beast-kun by the girls, begins following her to and from school. To make matters worse, Ayumi then falls for Mamoru, a boy in her class who is Beast-kun's brother! With plenty of experiences in life and love left ahead, will the girls retain their naive beliefs, or is it time to shake off that brother complex and realize that appearances aren't everything?

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PiccoloFan's avatar
PiccoloFan May 13, 2013
Score 9/10

I can't really understand why other reviews describe Hatsukoi Limited so negativly. I, someone who is NOT a big fan of the romance genre, enjoyed this anime immensely. It has a unique story line, focusing on the individual story of each of the main characters. I don't know about you, but I love that kind of thing. And in the end, all of the stories clash together for one great big grand finale. It was a rather... read more

Eboniamber's avatar
Eboniamber Feb 13, 2011
Score 8/10

Even though these scores are pretty low, I really do recommend you watch this one. This anime basically teaches you that looks aren't important and there are plenty of twists. also, if you have ever watched "Lovely Complex" their is a situation in this anime similar to it. Definately watch this if you are a romantic/comedy anime lover! read more

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