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Hataraki Man

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28-year-old Hiroko Matsukata is the definition of a workaholic. On top of smoking too much, rarely having sex and having lousy luck nurturing her romantic life, she works excessively to get the job done. Alongside many co-workers at the weekly news magazine Jidai, Hiroko tirelessly works on countless stories – thus negating any chance of a social life. Can Hiroko balance her home and work life, or is she doomed to be a 'working man' forever?

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Hataraki Man 2004 TBD
Name Role
Hisashi KAGAWA Character Design
Katsumi ONO Director
Yuugo KANNO Music

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Hataraki Man lelouchllover 7.3/10 Aug 31, 2011
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I love my Job! masterchica 5 Apr 1, 2014
anime order every 10th round YamiRin 1182 Jan 20, 2014
noitaminA Mini-Marathon DJKyzer 7 Jan 19, 2014
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Hataraki Man: Thoughts snivets 2 Nov 3, 11
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If strong female protagonists are your thing, then either of these series would be wonderful additions to your anime library. Haruhi and Hiro know what they want, and are willing to do anything to get it. Two characters whose series are not to be overlooked!

Toshokan Sensou

Toshokan Sensou

The government has passed the Media Betterment Act, establishing a military police force to stop the spread of "negative influences harmful to society;" and in response, libraries have organized their own military units to protect freedom of expression. After being saved by a Library Defense Force agent in a bookstore, Kasahara is inspired to enlist in the Library Defense Force. Although she proves quite athletic and capable, she must endure the harsh but meaningful training of her instructor and superior officer, Doujou. As she learns how to be a good soldier, she participates in LDF operations, helping protect literary freedom for everyone.

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Book worms will definitely appreciate the literary focuses of Library Wars and Hataraki Man.  Besides that they both work with literature, these two titles have very interesting, adult characters who deal with subjects like hard work, career, life philosophy and relationships, and politcs.  Both are great josei/seinen titles.