Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Maihitoyo~

Movie (1 ep x 104 min)
3.482 of 5 from 421 votes
Rank #2,146

Akane wonders if she really belongs in the land of Kyou when there is so little she can do to protect the city she loves like her friends and guardians, the Hachiyou, do. A chance encounter in the rain with a nameless man leads Akane on a search for the past he has forgotten, a past mysteriously tied to the cursed Sairyou dance, a dance said to kill any who attempt it. But there is much more to the kind man than Akane can imagine. As she begins to care for the lost stranger, Akane’s friends worry that she cannot summon her true strength to seal a spirit that haunts Kyou. Will Akane be able to unlock the power within her to finally bring peace to Kyou and to the man she grows to love?

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EibhilinRhett's avatar by EibhilinRhett on Feb 23, 2015
Score 7.5/10

 This was actually a really good movie. The story fits in well with the rest of the series, and it was really nice to see more of the characters I'd grown to love in Hachiyou Shou. I admit, I cried more than once during the course of the movie, and that's pretty rare for me.
 I think it was paced really well. It wasn't too slow, and it didn't try to cram too much into too little time either. The... read more

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