Happy Lesson

TV (13 eps)
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Chitose Hitotose was orphaned at a young age and is now in high school. He yearns for a family and a place to belong, but his long years of independence and isolation are setting his feet on a dangerous path. What is the solution that his teachers conceive? He needs a mother... but it's not just one, but five "Mamas!" Absolutely no one can discover that his teachers live under his roof, and he has to hide the fact from everyone, from the class president to the principal! With their maternal instincts in overdrive and mysterious pasts, can Chitose learn the lesson of happiness?

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Triplicate Jun 23, 2011
Score 4/10

I picked up this series based on its wacky high concept, as I often do. Not knowing anything more about it, I hoped for a "this is how it would really be" series. I hoped for a show that could take the harem premise in a totally unbelievable direction, yet take itself seriously with honest emotions and maybe even uphold the value of non-nuclear families, all while remaining funny. High... read more

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Wanginator Dec 10, 2010
Score 5/10

For all intents and purposes, Happy Lesson (as well as the sequels that came after it) was mildly enjoyable. The comedy was there, some dramatic aspects were there, and every character had some kind of backstory that was touched on at some point, however ridiculous some of them were. Admittedly though, something about the nature of this particular "harem" rubbed me the wrong way. While the females of... read more

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