Happy Lesson Advance

TV (13 eps)
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For Chitose Hototose, life has never been more full. Being the “adopted” son of not one, but five of your teachers can’t be easy! His “moms” are: Ichimonji Mutsuki, classical writing and ultimate housewife, Shitennou Uzuki, fine arts and cosplay otaku, Sanzein Yayoi, school nurse and accomplished miko priestess, Gokajou Satsuki, phys. ed. and all-round Gorilla, and Ninomai Kisaragi, mad scientist. But when a mysterious person appears and demands the return of “Muuchin”… well that’s just the beginning! What’s a boy to do when maternal instincts go wild?

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Triplicate's avatar by Triplicate on Jun 23, 2011
Score: 3/10

A sequel to a show I didn't like should've been an automatic reject. Still, Happy Lesson was inconclusive. The story can go on, and I wanted to see some resolution.

The story continues much like before, with the addition of Nagatsuki, a girl who claims Mutsuki is her mother.

At first, she feels forced in. And I want to scream at the others for calling her "he" when even I can... read more

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