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In a world not unlike our own, mages are commonplace and schools are separated between normal students and magic users. Yuma Kohinata is a student at one such school, Mizuhosaka Academy. On the way home from buying chocolates with his androgynous friend Jun, Yuma is given chocolates from school idol Haruhi Kamisaka; things become even more complex once the magic wing of the school has a gas explosion, displacing all of the magic students into the normal section – including Haruhi! Now, Yuma finds himself thrust into the world of magic, and must deal with the various women who vie for his affections; can he juggle his priorities and continue to pass his classes?

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Epimondas Dec 7, 2015
Score 9/10

At it's root this anime is a lovelorn romance or a lost love/found love type of story.  What probably holds it back is how the family tragedy caused separation might be hard to follow or be believable and it feels a bit on the low budget side which is evidenced in some scenes in several episodes of the series.  Despite those drawbacks, this is a very enjoyable anime.  Anyone who likes romances or... read more

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nasreen10 Nov 24, 2010
Score 4.9/10

Story: The reason why I wanted to watch Happiness! was because I saw Jun Watarase and I thought he was hilarious. I soon realized that it was a horrible reason to watch a series. As awesome as Jun is, he cannot make up for the lack of interest I had in Happiness! Usually it’s a bad sign if you bored from the very first episode. It does attempt to have some type of plot but it just seems so lackluster. It... read more

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