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On a distant planet, a war wages between humanity and the extraterrestrial Citizens of the Stars. Humans, in a desperate attempt to drive off their attackers, force enslaved beings known as Majins to fight for their cause. Strong-willed Yuuri is a member of the Superior Soldier Team - a group that is on the front lines of the war. She has been begrudgingly charged with the care of a Majin known as Number Seven - but as the fighting continues, Yuuri and Number Seven grow very close. Humanity is on the verge of extinction at the hands of the Citizens of the Stars; can Yuuri and Number Seven turn the tide of the war so they can be together forever?

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sothis Dec 30, 2007
Score 2.5/10

I'd really like to start out this review with a quirky statement about Hanoka, but I can't; instead, I'll sum up the series in one word: boooooooooring!Hanoka is a twelve-episode series that spans approximately forty minutes in length, with about six total minutes of recap included. The entirety of the story revolves around the rather tired concept of galactic beings who want to destroy... read more

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galacticdude7 Sep 17, 2010
Score 1/10

-Story-The story in Hanoka is a jumbled up mess and it is really incoherent. It is also a sterotypical story about a war between humans and aliens over a planet. There were a million moments in which the story followed cliches to the letter. There is minimal originality in this story. Also the ending has got to be the worst ending I have ever seen to an anime series. Terrible does not even begin to describe... read more

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