Hanappe Bazooka

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
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Rank #6,657

Hanappe is a typical horny high school kid. Between watching dirty movies and having the crap beaten out of him by the school bullies, life is pretty normal. That is, until two lustful demons burst into his home through the television set, bestowing his index finger with the power to either seduce the opposite sex, or unleash a destructive blast. As much fun as lewdly brainwashing women is, the endowment comes with unwanted small-print, and Hanappe’s home is soon turned into a raucous devilish orgy!

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ThePatches's avatar by ThePatches on Jul 21, 2010
Score 2/10

It's easy to dismiss Go Nagai out-of-hand. His work is puerile, his characterization non-existent, and his art sloppy, but anyone can achieve these lows of quality. Nagai, on the other hand, frustrates, enrages, and offends because when a viewer takes time to consider his work he can see where his stories might have legs--had not their author been too obsessed with breasts, stupid expressions, and... read more



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