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2.085 out of 5 from 4,585 votes
Rank #4,561


Laura is a typical fifth-grade girl with a not-so-typical pet: Hamtaro! Quirky and curious, Hamtaro quickly makes friends with his fellow "neighbors" after the duo moves to a new town, and a lifetime of adventures begins. Whether it's attending sports festivals, visiting museums in the search for the world’s largest seed or playing matchmaker, the Ham-Ham Friends will stop at nothing to have a good time. When the humans stray, the hamsters come out to play!

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Name Role
Junko YAMANAKA Character Design
Masatomo SUDOU Character Design
Osamu NABESHIMA Director
Motoyoshi IWASAKI Music
Noriko KOBAYASHI Producer
Yuoh SEKITA Producer
Sachiko YOSHIDA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Hamtaro Seority 8/10 Apr 5, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Le mom safe anime Akikoshikata 64 Apr 13, 2014
visti Tilius 437 Feb 3, 2014
priorities Sheelaflower 25 Nov 30, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
My Favorite Characters Larkawolfgirl 2 Jun 28, 11
homuraakemi wants to watch Hamtaro
Grimdude360 rated the Hamtaro anime 2/5 stars
Grimdude360 watched Hamtaro at 296 of 296 episodes
Merue watched Hamtaro at 296 of 296 episodes
avarious stalled Hamtaro anime at 22 of 296 episodes

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Chi's Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home
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  • 2008

One day, a young kitten was on a walk with her mother and siblings; but soon she became separated from her kin. Struggling to find her way home, the kitten soon ran into a young boy named Yohei and his mother; and out of pity, the duo takes the kitten home with them. Unfortunately they discover that they are unable to keep pets in their home, and thus begin a quest to find her a new place to live. From playing with shoelaces to being washed, the cute kitten named Chi will have fun and get to know her new family – though all she really wants is to make it home to her feline mother.

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Both of these shows are certered on an adorable protagonist. Both have a little animal getting into messes and adventures. You will laugh and get tingly all over from the cutness in both of these shows.


Both has explosive cuteness in every episode. Both are about the main (animal) character's adventures or experiences. Both are adorably animated in a way that makes you smile.

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Pokemon: Pikachu and Pichu

Pokemon: Pikachu and Pichu
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Ash, Misty and Brock are taking a break from their pokemon-battling adventures to take a rest in the city, leaving their pokemon to run free for the day. Pikachu is quickly swept up in a game of cat and mouse with two local Pichu, leading him to the ultimate inner sanctuary: a tire-laden playground full of pokemon! However, a run-in with danger threatens the stability of the structure; can Pikachu, the Pichu and the rest of their new friends band together to save the day?

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Hamtaro and Pikachu & Pichu share one thing: extremely cute little critters that get into all kinds of mischief. Hamtaro runs around with the Ham-Ham gang and the Pichu run around with other local Pokemon, having fun in every way they can.