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"Minimum"— Otherwise known as "small miracles", is a special power that only manifests within a few, select humans. Those who possess this ability are called "Minimum Holders." 2014: Yokohama. The detective duo of Nice and Murasaki, otherwise known as "Hamatora," wait again today for work with their friends at a table at Cafe Nowhere that they use as their agency. Suddenly, a job they receive seems to have a weird connection with the serial killer that their police friend, Art is searching for.

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Role's avatar by Role on Jul 21, 2014
Score: 6.5/10

My review of Hamatora: The Animation Note that this review might contain: Some minor spoilers Personal opinions that might not be true/best opinions Some explicit language STORY So let's start off with the story. The story is based on a secret organization called Hamatora, which is located in the cafe Nowhere. So there are these 2 characters, Nice and Murasaki (the glasses one) and the story is based on... read more

vongolajake's avatar by vongolajake on Mar 25, 2014
Score: 8.5/10

Nice (RYOTA OHSAKA) and Murasaki (WATARU HATANO) form the detective pair Hamatora. With the use of "Minimums" becoming a problem, we follow these two and the rest as one case after another ties into the mystery of a seriel killer. STORY: In my opinion Hamatora has a really great concept. Yes it does have some standard cliches but overall i found it interesting. I gave it a 8 (and it may... read more

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