Halo Legends

OVA (8 eps)
3.395 out of 5 from 3,282 votes
Rank #2,102

The fight against the Covenant continues, touching the lives of countless soldiers and innocents. Discover the legends of a group of SPARTANs that must intercept an invaluable package; a lone soldier who struggles with the demons of his past; four Orbital Drop Shock Troopers that must assassinate a Prophet with the help of an unlikely ally; and many other heroic and tragic tales.

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deltahaloseven's avatar by deltahaloseven on Feb 21, 2010
Score: 7/10

    To begin with, I am a major Halo fan. I have all books and games and just had to get this movie when I heard about it. Now, there are a few similarities in each of these short movies. First of all, the Halo games' great sound carried over to the movie, which was a great plus, and helped make it a good watch. Character development was good overall considering the time length present. Overall... read more

Caboose92's avatar by Caboose92 on Oct 10, 2011
Score: 9/10

a great addition to the halo Franchise, great animation and great stories (one or two not so great ones) but a must see for any halo fan. read more



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