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Hal and Kurumi used to be lovers with dreams and aspirations, until one day a tragic plane crash tore them apart forever. To help mend his grieving granddaughter’s heart, an old man sends his android, Q01, to take Hal’s place and help Kurumi move on. But doing so won’t be easy, for Kurumi is resistant, and the android Hal will slowly come to realize the truth about the pair’s relationship...

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haize78's avatar by haize78 on Feb 14, 2015
Score: 5.5/10

Hal is a one hour movie about a robot made to become human to comfort a girl, Kurumi, for the loss of her boyfriend. The girl's grandfather, unable to go on seeing her suffering and shutting everyone out, decides to make his robot an exact replica of Hal, the deceased boyfriend - hoping that all this will, in some weird way, relieve her of her pain. The visuals are lovely: the colours and drawings and the... read more

angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Oct 5, 2014
Score: 10/10

The show starts out rather strange with a plain suddenly exploding over a quiet little town. Then they suddenly talk about a boy named Hal who had passed away and a girl who seemed to be his girlfriend is taking it pretty hard. To me, this beginning just feels like it was a promo for the show instead of the actual show because we don’t really get any information at all. We can speculate what’s going... read more

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