Hakaba Kitaro

TV (11 eps)
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When the last two remaining members of the Ghost Tribe died, they left with them Kitarou - a one-eyed ghoulish child with a sinister cackle and a penchant for the supernatural. From day to day Kitarou tries his best to fit in at school (while failing miserably), thwart the fiendish schemes of the crude and rude Rat Man, and get the attention of the lovely and kind Neko Girl. with the help of his father-turned-talking-eyeball and his nervous and confused caretaker, Kitarou must learn to be the best Ghost Tribe heir that he can be!

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar by cassiesheepgirl on Jun 18, 2010
Score 7.9/10

A dark moonlit night, a chorus of frogs croaking in harmony, the sound of wind rushing through the tall grass, and a welcoming gift of two cats eyeballs in a box. Sounds like a pretty good way to start a series to me! Since his parents died just before he was born, Kitarou is now the last surviving member of the mysterious Ghost Tribe. Luckily, he... read more

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