Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

Alt title: Nyaruko-san: Another Crawling Chaos

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Binbougami ga!

Binbougami ga!

On Earth, humans live unaware of the many gods who watch over them and help maintain a sense of balance. But one day, a very special girl named Ichiko Sakura will come face to face with one in the flesh – Momiji, the goddess of misfortune! For Ichiko is unknowingly sapping good fortune from those around her, sporting abnormal levels of beauty, intellect, athletic skill and wealth, and it's up to Momiji to help put things back into order. There's just one problem: selfish Ichiko is fully satisfied with her life, and wants nothing of the sort! Determined to keep her mojo safe from the cranky goddess's giant syringe and wide array of bad luck "devices", Ichiko now must deal with a whole host of supernatural lunatics and the fact that her new tormentor has moved in as an unwanted house guest, all the while trying her best to stay as fabulous as possible!

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Bradalee Bradalee says...

Each of these shows feature a human character being suddenly surrounded by a load of supernatural beings with odd powers. 

The comedy in each can be quite similar at times, with plenty of loud characters arguing, physical gags and parodies aplenty. If you enjoyed one for it's humour, the other is definitely worth a go.