Haibane Renmei

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A young woman quietly falls to the earth, escorted by a solitary crow. This sort of dream, as many other before have dreamed, comes just before being reborn as a Haibane, a charcoal-winged angel. On the outskirts of the walled-in city lies Old Home, a haven for Haibane to study, live, and learn, while waiting for their chance to ascend to the heavens and escape the confines of their new world. Rakka is the newest inhabitant of Old Home who wants nothing more than to remember her past and discover the secrets of her kind. Together with Reki, Kuu and plenty of other new friends, Rakka will laugh, explore, and search for the meaning of their existence in the process.

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vivafruit Apr 13, 2007
Score 8.5/10

One of my pet peeves is when people imply that a work is good solely because it's allegorical. Pompous assholes will come up with something like, "If you didnt like Haibane Renmei, it must be because you didnt catch all the symbolism!" and then end their argument right there, as if people can be entertained with empty metaphors alone. This is... read more

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VivisQueen Oct 6, 2010
Score 7.5/10

Haibane Renmei can be hard work. It develops slowly in meandering scenes of world building and characterisation that usually give the impression none of them connect. Most damningly, its heavy symbolism demands its audience pay attention despite the plodding pace and randomness. I'm just not that kind of viewer. The closest anime to this distilled sort of 'nothing happens' I remember enjoying is Planetes... read more

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