Gunsmith Cats

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Rally Vincent and Minnie May are twogirls with a lot of fire power. When they are not busy managing their gun store, they are working as bounty-hunter duo the Gunsmith Cats. Rally's incredible gunslinging skills and Minnie's obsession for big explosions make the GunSmith Cats a deadly force, and every task an adventure.

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flyingmongoose's avatar by flyingmongoose on Aug 17, 2014
Score: 10/10

No one ever reads these anyways, so I’ll keep it short again. I’m not one for overbearing fan service or cheesy slapstick cutesy characters, luckily for me ‘Gunsmith Cats’ knows how to control it. What impressed me most from this unfortunately short series was the writing, clever dialogue and character actions, consistent plot devices and yeah. It didn't suck. read more

skankfish's avatar by skankfish on Jun 10, 2010
Score: 6.5/10

Demograph: 12+ Pretty fun girls and guns escapads. I like Sonada Kenichi a lot because of his attention to detail with mechanics, and his jazzy character designs. The stories aren't top notch but the entertainment value is pretty high. Short OAV series that could really do with being revamped into a proper length show. read more

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