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Gunsmith Cats

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Rally Vincent and Minnie May are twogirls with a lot of fire power. When they are not busy managing their gun store, they are working as bounty-hunter duo the Gunsmith Cats. Rally's incredible gunslinging skills and Minnie's obsession for big explosions make the GunSmith Cats a deadly force, and every task an adventure.

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Riding Bean OVA 1989 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Gunsmith Cats 1991 TBD
Gunsmith Cats: Burst 2004 TBD
Name Role
Kenichi SONODA Character Design
Tokuhiro MATSUBARA Character Design
Takeshi MORI Director
Peter ERSKINE Music
Kenichi SONODA Original Manga Creator
Toshiaki OKUNO Producer
Hiroo TAKIMOTO Producer
Umeo ITO Producer
Yoshimasa MIZUO Producer

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Gunsmith Cats skankfish 6.5/10 Jun 10, 2010
Post Name Username Comments Date
"Subs vs. Dubs" Response Ascrod 3 Mar 6, 11
Gunsmith Cats SilentWarlock 1 Jan 4, 10
fruitcake won't watch Gunsmith Cats
otakami is watching Gunsmith Cats
kmdziak wants to watch Gunsmith Cats
Vincentx wants to watch Gunsmith Cats
fzoo watched Gunsmith Cats at 3 of 3 episodes

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Mireille Bouqet has become a reputable assassin working in France. However, all changes after she meets Kirika, a mysterious young girl who knows nothing about her past but possesses killing skills that dwarf hers. Further intrigue unfolds as both characters explore their shadowy past and come to a head with a clandestine organization that seeks to control destiny itself.

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The tone of these two series is definitely very different, but I think you would like Noir because it also is very action filled, and involves two girls with guns. Noir also boasts an excellent musical soundtrack.
Welcome to the world of professional female assasins. Another gun toting series.
Two different anime with similar themes. Two women armed for bear strike out against all odds. Despite the fact that Noir is darker than Gunsmith Cats, I think the gun toting action both offer is appealing. And both are definitely worth watching. Don't take my word for it...
Noir and Gunsmith Cats are both very well-done anime about two-girl vigilante teams. GSC is more comedic than Noir's dark plot, but both feature excellent detail work and really great character designs. That... and girls with guns is just fun to watch.

There are two reasons I made this recommendation: first, if you are a fan of gunslinger action, Noir and Gunsmith Cats will satisfy your needs (and they throw in a nice soundtrack on top of it!); second, both show realistic gun fighting instead of a futuristic approach.  

Both shows with strong female protagonists who are very skilled with guns, you should enjoy this quite a bit.

While the general tone is different (Noir is set primarily in Europe with more of a gothic tone, while Gunsmith Cats is set in the U.S.A. with a 70's action meets 90's pop culture feeling), the two do complement each other. The only disappointment that I can redeem of Gunsmith Cats is that the three episodes leave you with the feeling that there could have been many more short multi-episode exploits continuing the show in a series of adventures unrelated to each other aside from the main characters. Gunsmith could have been a modern incarnation of live action TV shows such as "Chips" or "Magnum P.I." with an edgier twist.

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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Follow interstellar bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black as they scour the galaxy for criminals with prices on their heads. Hoping to escape their past, they live on the spaceship Bebop, but it's a dangerous business and old enemies don't forget easily. Allies come from unlikely sources, however, as they find comrades in the beautiful swindler Faye Valentine, the genius child hacker Ed and the genetically engineered 'data dog' Ein. Will they be able to help each other though their respective struggles, or is their fate really inevitable?

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Actually very different, but the two series have something in common: Bounty Hunters :)
Do u like alot of shootouts and races? Both Cowboy Bebop and Gunsmith Cats have good ones of those.

Do you want more bounty hunters? Gunsmith Cats and Bebop both have a similar style and some good action. There's more in Bebop because Gunsmith Cats is only three episodes, but nonetheless they provide the same feeling.


The shoot-em-up genre at it's best, Cowboy Bebop will not disappoint fans of Gunsmith Cats since it feels a lot like a longer version of the short 3 episode OVA.


For some reason Gunsmith Cats reminded me of Cowboy Bebop. The only relation I can name is the bounty hunter theme. There must be more though. So if you liked Gunsmith Cats you should watch Cowboy Bebop as well.

Riding Bean

Riding Bean
  • OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
  • 1989

Riding Bean is a one episode OAV by the creator of Gunsmith Cats. Its lead charater is Bean Bandit, aka, 'The Roadbuster'. Bean operates as a contract driver; for good or for bad, if you have the money, he can do the job. This time though, he's been framed for kidnapping the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Good thing Bean is bulletproof.

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Of course since these two are made by the same creator, they are going to have some similarities, such as road battles, cars, and guns. The action is almost identical.
Both part of the same setting and story, you should enjoy the action and style.

Set in the same storyline, Bean Bandit was originally a noble villain of Gunsmith Cats, one of those typically japanese dark heroes who you have to respect even before they side themselves with the good guys (sorta of Dessler/Desslock in the Yamato/Starblazer saga).

Regrettably the animation went quite messy and while GSC ended at the third episode, we get Bean fighting with a Rally named partner (no, it's not the same Rally) a woman who very closely resembles GSC's archnemesis.

In short, watching both anime becomes a must if you don't feel satisfied with just one and want more of the same crazied runs and gunfights in the Chicago that Sonoda's dreamt about.


The animation, feel, and action are uncannily similar between Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean. This is, upon further research, due to the fact that they share a creator.

If you enjoyed the action, characters and storytelling elementsi in one of these series, you should do yourself a favor and check out the sister series.

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Rokuro Okajima is a small-time salaryman who is carrying documents for his company, when the ship he's traveling on is attacked by pirates. Kidnapped, he discovers to his dismay that his employers' main concern is to ensure the documents don't get into the wrong hands, even if it means sending the carrier to the bottom of the sea. Now, with his former life ruined and his kidnappers seeming comparatively friendly, "Rock" decides to join their merry band of mercenaries, and sets out with a new career to the shadier corners of the South China Sea.

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Girls with guns. Loud American music; lots of attitude. Killer Russian women. Did I mention the guns part?

Black Lagoon is by far the darker and more cynical of the two anime; while Gunsmith Cats is pretty upbeat for a series about girls navigating the messy crime syndicates of Chicago (read: smiling coquettishly, shooting stuff); and while Black Lagoon for its sheer pizazz is by far the better of the two titles; both are a lot of fun to watch.


as far as the qualty of action the two shows are on the same level, although black lagoon is longer and the stroy get to be drawn out better. gunsmith cats defenatly holds its own. oh yeah, both have the whole 'girls with guns' thing going, badass american muscle cars, a car chase or two and a seemingly endless supply of weapons and ammo

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Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis

The year is 2032. Tokyo has been destroyed by a great earthquake and a new city, MegaTokyo, has risen from the ashes. Humans now live side-by-side with androids known as Boomers who perform many of the menial and laborious tasks that humans despise, but these artificial servants come with a price: they have a tendency to go haywire and attack those they were built to serve. The A.D. Police force was created to try and stop this menace, but its weapons can do little more than annoy the Boomers. Hope lies with the Knight Sabers, four young women with high-tech, armored suits and enough firepower to stop an army - but will it be enough to stop MegaTokyo's greatest threat?

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not rated
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You should definitely like the action in this and the whole beautiful women kicking ass concept.

More Kenichi Sonoda's goodness and, while I'm fully aware none of these projects ended up with a decent anime (at least compared to what they deserved), I can't help recommend them to every fan who wants to watch enjoyable stories with this likeable charades that now seems so retrò...

Kinda nostalgic, I guess...