Gunparade Orchestra

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In the year 1999, mankind is fighting a war against Phantom Beasts - alien beings that are focused on taking over the planet. To combat this menace, high school defense forces have been set up across the country. Ishida Sara is a recent officer graduate who has found herself assigned to the defense force in Aomori; but what awaits her is a group of inexperienced students with no desire to train. When a Phantom Beast attacks a nearby town, the team sets out; but with her subordinates out of control and ignoring her orders, Sara's first mission results in failure. Frustrated and surrounded by her own doubts, fellow cadets who hate her, and the constant presence of HQ investigators, can Sara struggle against the odds and hold herself, and her position, together?

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roriconfan Jun 27, 2012
Score 2.5/10

Notice: This review will cover both season of the franchice; because they are so bad, they don’t deserve a second. And if you are not fond of nerdraeg, don’t bother reading it at all; it is basically me describing how BAAAD it is in not so civil means.

Gunparade is one hell of a troll show when it comes to its premise. It regards a war between humans and aliens through the use of mechas. One... read more

WhiteKnight's avatar
WhiteKnight Jun 22, 2012
Score 6.8/10

I'm going to divide this in three separate reviews for each of the three chapters which appeared in the whole story. Short of a small mention near the beginning of the latter two they are completely unrelated except for the fact that they all happen in the same universe. White Chapter - Ep 1-9 Story: Well, to put it bluntly this didn't even come close to GunParade March and it was the closest setting wise... read more

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