Gunparade March

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In the year 1945, the most terrible creatures in existence visited the earth: bug-like entities soon to be known as Phantom Beasts. In that time of peril, mankind joined together to expel the threat, only to find that conventional weapons were useless and further damaged the earth. It is now 1999, and the student-wide draft has changed the lives of thousands of teenagers across Japan. While unwillingly fighting in an endless war that started before their births, one group of friends will experience the tragedy of death and the bittersweet joy of love as they struggle to survive.

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sothis Aug 6, 2005
Score 8/10

First of all, I think it's important to clear up what type of show Gunparade March is. I've already talked to a few people who picked up Gunparade March, watched one or two episodes, and promptly put it down. The reason? That they didn't want to see another mecha/fighting series. Indeed, the first episode does make it seem like that will be the focus of the show, but like many series, the first... read more

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MagicalWay Aug 15, 2012
Score 3.3/10

First, I just have to say: At this point, I really have no idea what the hell I just saw.

Gunparade March has a tried and true idea, with a different twist on the chronology involved. The 'invasion' takes place in the World War II era, and continues up through our present day. You would think over the span of 50+ years this ruthless race of alien killers would have humanity beaten, or... read more

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