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Series with ED's I likedby MrAnime

Anime Series with endings I like. Once again, most has to do with the music being used. So far, I haven't come across an ending with art that caught my attention. List isn't ordered in any shape or form. Series with multiple endings will be...

Anime I have finished since starting collegeby Mcr1234Rocks

It seems that my love of anime blossomed the summer after graduation. I tend to watch anime whenever I have any free time between my college courses. It's quite difficult to resist watching any during my midterms and finals. Though once the break...

1.) Favorite Animeby CommanderKarasu

I'm not great at ordering things, so don't mind the order all that much. Simply put, I love these shows. I think about them often, they've left a big impression on me, and/or I've watched them more than once.

(Animes) Favoritesby hixan

List created in random and subjective ways. Typical from a human.