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Favorite Animeby animeobssesivetomuch

All the wondrous anime that have captured my interest. Alphabetical Order.

My Top Animeby Clinginggiant

List of series rated from 5 to 3.5 stars

Hidden anime gemsby BBaker70014

this is a list of anime i think that either did what they tried to do really well while being underrated and definitely deserve praise for either there comedy , deep emotional sorries ,mystery or just plain great characters, i do realize that not...

Physically Own - Animesby Kazaarkat

My DVD collection, Ongoing. Trying to own the entire list someday (full episode collection wise).

Anime I've Watched and Enjoyedby Chriskat777

This is in no particular order (well actually alphabetically) and are the animes I watched and enjoyed. Most of the animes I've watched are just to pass the time.