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Anime to Watch AGAIN!by KatanAnime

Anime that I found good enough to be watched not only once , this is more of a list for my personal use , but if you are checking this , make sure to give a try to all of these anime ;)

Cristi6983's anime list !by Cristi6983

All anime i've watched so far (updated evry 4 months)

(A) Funimation on Youtubeby phoenixaurora

corpse princess, aquarion, aquarion evol, el cazador de la bruja, devil may cry, bamboo blade, house of five leaves, trigun, ga rei zero, gunxsword, blassreiter, .hack//quantum, haibane renmei, shangri-la, a certain scientific...

(5*) Favourite anime so BeyBack

The "super star" list – not in any particular order. I've ranked them based on all seasons combined together.

Top 3by whoisit

My 3 favourites, for now. I would recommend all of them to anyone really.

Favorite Animeby animeobssesivetomuch

All the wondrous anime that have captured my interest. Alphabetical Order.