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The year is 2100, and the place is Bayside City: Japan's premier international port. In this place, the Angel Arms Company is a group of six women who are brought in to take care of situations that more official authorities can't handle. Their most recent case is to protect the crime lord Hassan, in hopes that the information he possesses will bring down a global terror ring. In an attempt to take both his life and the lives of the Angel Arms Company, the terrorists turn to a newly-hired expert to lead their operations. To make matters worse, the terrorists are armed with the military’s latest weaponry, and their leader has a history with one of the members of the Angel Arms Company. Who will prevail, the terrorists, or our heroes?

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GaiusOctavian Jan 20, 2015
Score 5/10

Gundress is another anime that introduces the future.   The plot is simple and not too well thought out.  Some scenes seem disjointed rather than telling a continuous story.  Like other older anime, you can see ideas that will be more fully developed in later titles.  The basic design of the mecha harkens to the later Appleseed units.  Most abvious the twin pair of... read more

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Quizap Aug 16, 2010
Score 4/10

The year is 2100. An all female GiTS squad equiped with Appleseed biped armor suits are ordered to protect an Arabian arms smuggler from a long, white haired GiTS terrorist. Lol, that’s pretty much the gist of what this movie was about except it was semi corny, decent story, and the animation wasn’t very good at all. read more



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