Gunbuster 2

Alt titles: Top wo Nerae! 2, Diebuster, Aim for the Top 2!

OVA (6 eps)
3.916 of 5 from 2,922 votes
Rank #1,162

Nono, a clumsy young girl living in the backwater countryside of Mars, dreams of becoming a space pilot. But when Nono witnesses Lal'C, a real space pilot called a Topless, and her brutal fight with one of the invading space monsters, she discovers that it may not be so easy as she's rocketed into orbit alongside Lal'C in the ensuing struggle. With guts and effort her only recourse, Nono reaches for the stars to become a "Nonoriri" and a Topless alongside her Onee-sama, as well as to fight back against hordes of space monsters!

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Matu's avatar
Matu Feb 17, 2012
Score 5/10

Gunbuster 2, AKA Diebuster is the sequel to the 1988 series, Gunbuster.  To read my review of the original series, click here. Story: Nono is a country girl, and her one dream is to be a Space Pilot, to control a powerful Buster Machine.  Unfortunately, she's a bit of ditz.  Eventually she finds herself in... read more

Monchan's avatar
Monchan Nov 20, 2010
Score 9/10

Yay! My first review!   Story - Okay, so anyway Gunbuster 2/ Diebuster takes place many many MANY years after Gunbuster and is the story of Nono and how she becomes a space pilot. Er, tries to become a space pilot. It's more interesting than it sounds, I swear. In just the first episode you are told that it's been quite a long time (try OVER 10,000 YEARS) since Noriko and Kazumi left to finish off the... read more

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