Guin Saga

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Princess Rinda and her brother Remus are the foretold Twin Pearls of Parros – one will be a shining prophet and the other a great ruler. However, when their homeland is lost to the invading Mongaul army and their parents slain during the siege, Rinda and Remus are transported into Rood Forest, a dangerous hideout for ghouls. Lost and vulnerable, the two barely escape death thanks to the help of a powerful man with the head of a leopard called Guin who cannot remember who is or how he became that way. Together they journey across the land, evading monsters, fighting the power-hungry Mongaul army, and gathering trusted companions such as Istavan Spellsword and Suni of the monkey-like Sem – all in the hope of fulfilling their destinies and finally bringing peace to Parros.

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roriconfan Jun 10, 2012
Score 6/10

Guin Saga is not the sort of anime you would expect to see with modern storytelling. And this is no surprise as it is based on a story format of the 70’s epic fantasy way of showing things. This is why it has a retro appeal to it very reminiscent of old epic movies like Conan the Barbarian or Krull. If I could describe this series in game terms, I would say it’s like a standard 2nd edition D&D... read more

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Nekosenpai Jul 19, 2012
Score 9.3/10

Story: Guin is the longest lasting Novel by 1 author. The series certainly shows this. Very consistant thinking throughout. They did a great job depicting Guin as somewhat of a Demi-God, fighting for what he believes to be right. Guin was also given a trait known as free-will, most heroic characters only help those around them without thinking about themselves. Which seems a bit unrealistic, in reality... read more

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