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Mes recommandations [FR]by Pimrov

Voici mes recommandations, les mangas qui m'ont le plus marqué. Je vais mettre au fur et à mesure les raisons pour lesquelles ses animés sont dans cette listes. Il y a certains animés où ça fait longtemps que je ne les ai pas vu, que je...

Top 10 Sad Animes That Will Make You Cryby scolon27

Don't you just have that one anime that makes you cry ? That music that just touches your heart causing you to want to cry ?? Are you here looking for one ? Ready to go on a roller coaster full of emotions :)???

Anime's that make you feel your feels, some with warmth some are just dominatethruster

My favorite anime's are feeler's "per say" . Now not all of these are Sad but they all had moments in them that defiantly were to me.