Grrl Power!

Alt title: Makasete Iruka!

OVA (1 ep)
2.609 of 5 from 232 votes
Rank #4,806

Need some help? At the Irakura agency, the young Umi, Sora and Ao take care of everything from delivering items to defeating monsters -- for a modest fee. Need a date? Having problems with your homework? There's nothing this young trio can't handle -- until now! When a distraught mother asks the girls for help getting her son to go back to school, Umi, Sora and Ao soon discover they might have a lot more to teach the boy than good attendance!

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sothis May 7, 2006
Score 7.5/10

I have to say, I was very unexcited for watching Grrl Power. I wanted to add it to the AniRec (and get a DVD for the prize pile), and expected some sort of PowerPuff Girl-style nonsense, but instead was pleasantly surprised with what ended up being an entertaining story. The premise is simple: 3 young girls run a business called Irukuya where they complete odd jobs, no matter how big or small the... read more



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