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Growlanser IV Wayfarer of the Time

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After a harrowing period of war, the countries of Valcania, Dulkheim and Igrecias formed a confederation and began a new system of political order, but were met with great resistance. Now, in Valencia's capital, a rebellion is being planned to overthrow the current system of government, and only Lady Silvernale, captain of the guard, has the power to stop it. Along with delegates from Igrecias and heroes alike, she must do whatever it takes to keep the country from being caught in the middle of a brutal war, even if it means fighting those she has sworn to protect...

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Name Role
Masahiko MURATA Director
Tomoyuki HAMADA Music

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Growlanser IV Wayfarer of the Time sothis 7/10 Jul 9, 2005

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My Video-Game Adaptations (Anime) Zaig 31 Dec 8, 2011
Complete Selverwulf 765 Dec 7, 2009
want to watch soon vandenberg 11 Nov 20, 2009

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Both Kai Doh Maru and Growlanser IV are about a woman who is in charge of the royal guard, shows devotion to the kingdom, and tries her best to save those she serves and the folks she's dedicated to.