Custom Lists

Highly Recommended Animeby H0leNtheWall

Things I have seen that people should definitely check out. This doesn't include things I am currently watching. Also watch some of their respective OVAs.

List of Full Series I've Watched (TIMELINE ORDER)by mottscurry

This is a list of the anime I have watched fully, or at least a good, solid portion of in the order I first saw them. For example, I haven't seen every single episode of Pokemon, but it's impossible for me to keep up with the show in general. Also...

English DUB animeby GRAYKIT029

Just a hand full of English dub animes I have found!

Anime With Fanserviceby RockGodItachi

Looking for Fanservice? You've come to the right place! This list show all the Anime I've watched that includes some form of Fanservice. Be it panties, Oppai, or a flash of skin these Anime have it in them!

Summer 2013 Checklistby TheBlueKing44

The anime I have watched during the summer of 2013