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In an era where guns are replacing swords, samurai are desperately trying to keep their ideals alive, though many become honorless mercenaries in desperation. Yajiro Kojima is one such mercenary who led an average life until running across the beautiful Rushyuna Tendo, an expert gun wielder (known as a senshi, or Enlightened One) who upholds one ideal above all others: never kill, simply destroy one's will to fight. Together, the duo travel the world encountering dangerous enemies and bathhouses galore, all while removing their adversaries' "armor" with a smile!

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Grenadier Specials DVD Special   TBD Bonus shorts released on the DVDs
Name Role
Hideki INOUE Character Design
Hiroshi KOUJINA Director
Yasunori IWASAKI Music
Sousuke KAISE Original Manga Creator
Hitoshi KAWAMURA Producer
Toyoo ASHIDA Producer
Yutaka OHASHI Producer

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Grenadier hitlechro 9/10 Jan 15, 2012
Grenadier Wanginator 6.5/10 Dec 9, 2010
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“Vash, the Stampede” - worth 60 billion dollars to the one who can turn him in. Bounty hunters everywhere are on the lookout for this legendary gunman, not to mention insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who are tasked with preventing any potential damage that this Vash can cause. But with 60 billion on his head, Vash is not an easy man to find.

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If you like the gunfights in Grenadier, you might like Trigun. There are quite a few difference between the two series though. There is no fanservice in Trigun, no CG art and the main character is a male. You will also not see the samurai aspect back, which you might have liked in Grenadier either. Trigun, however, does have a somewhat more intruiging story and somewhat more humor. Also. if you liked Trigun and want to see some more advanced bullettime effects as well as some more visual, though more brainless pleasure, don't hestitate to check out Grenadier.
Trigun is obviously the better of these 2 series but you really can see the resemblance. They are both gun toting adventures that are very light hearted and humerous. I think you will definatly like Trigun if you've watched Grenadier. Trigun has alot more to offer for the same style of anime. Plus where as Grenadier stayed pretty consistant in its story Trigun gets rather dramatic halfway through which makes its story very appealing.

Trigun and Grenadier are very alike with great, even superb, gun-shooting action. The main characters have a great style of shooting as well. Grenadier has more fanservice, though.  


Both series center on gunslingers who are preternaturally skillful with a gun, but who don't want to actually kill anyone. Vash of Trigun is a walking disaster, likeably innocent in many ways, but someone with a dark secret which could very well lead to the end of the world. Rushuna of Grenadier is also very childlike, but she has a serious, intelligent side that crops up when the going gets tough. She, like Vash, is also the lynchpin through which the world will either be saved or descend into darkness.

In both cases, it is the characters, far more than the stories themselves, that breathe life into the individual series. Both the leads and the secondary characters are intriguing and fun to watch in action. Neither series is brilliant, but both are entertaining. If you like one, it's hard to see you not enjoying the other. One caveat: if you're not into fan service, that may mean you won't enjoy Grenadier. Rushuna is well endowed, and the animators take pains to play on that characteristic.


You will love Trigun and Grenadier! Each of the main characters is a good-hearted traveler who encounters friendship and trouble along their path. Both characters rely on their trusty guns in a passive way, never killing the enemy, only injuring or disarming. To me, both anime have almost a western feel to them, regardless of what era they are set in.


These two series are both about gunslingers who are trying to make amends for what they have done in the past. Rushuna and Vash have very similar personalities and I always said while watching Grenadier, "This is probably what Trigun would be like if Vash was a woman."


Vash and Yajiro Kojima have both one thing in common. They won't kill anyone. Vash will even give first-aid to his enemies if he thinks that he shot them in a vital area. Yajiro Kojima believes in the ultimate battlestrategy; which is making her enemy give up the fight through tricks and skills.

Strangely though is that these two humanists are both expert marksmans when it comes down to using guns.


Both series are about a peace-loving master gunners.Each have a personal goal and follow the ideal that fights don't have to be won with fighting and the world would be better off if people learned that lesson. There is also much comedy and awe-inspiring fight scenes to be found in either.

There's a good chance that a liking of one could be carried over to the other.


Trigun and Grenadier are two of my favorite shows to watch. Both have the same philosophy shoot only to hurt not to kill, to spread love and peace, and to make everyone's lives better for it. Tirgun has an excellent voice cast as the main player Johnny Young Bosh while his friend Sam Regal is the main male lead in Grenadier. The animation for both shows is outstanding as even though Trigun was done in the late 90's. Other than there common themes of love, peace and unity there are a few things that set them apart. One is that Grinder is filled with a bit of fan services and is brought up in the series. Trigun is more for the religious person as well as the action one. It questions the idea of though shall not kill and morals of the characters and their actions in the show. If you like comedy, action, love, and just plain good anime than this is for you.


While Trigun goes with a male badass, Grenadier goes with a female booby. But there personalities are similar: even though they are highly skilled shooter, they don't want to kill nor hurt anyone and avoid problems whenever possible, but they are more like trouble magnets... Go and watch this one now!


Both of the main charas seem to have the same ideals--win without fighting. In other words both animes are about charas fighting, without fighting. Eventually, though, both feel the need to fight when Plan A doesn't work. Then the true fight begins.


Both Trigun and Grenadier, are focused around a character who is not only blonde and comical. But also believes in complete pacifism, although they're both pros with pistols.

Both result in comical situations which are a great laugh, although trigun has a lot more of a serious; sometimes depressing side to it, Grenadier focuses more on the funny side of similar ideals.


While Trigun has a longer and deeper story, and Grenadier has a more feel good story with more "fan service", they are very simular. Both main characters are expert marksmen in super human ways and both carry the whole "Fight without killing" attitude and are trying to change the world. Which one you like better is up to you, but I recommend both.


The lead protagonists share the same "Don't hurt anyone" mantra, as well as sharing the same paradoxical world renowned sharp-shooting skills.

Humour features heavily in both, though Grenadier is usually more typical echii comedy and Trigun tends to be more slapstick.

While Trigun's story has far more depth to it, Grenadier still has a decent tale to string things together.


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If you like Grenadier, you'll like Trigun because the main character, Rushuna Tendou is pretty much a shameless ripoff of Vash the Stampede; simply with boobs.  If all you were in it for were the boobs, then i take back my previous statement.  Grenadier wasn't bad, but Trigun's story and character development are, personally, far superior.


Trigun and Grenadier are both about marksman who are extremely deadly with a pistol, but are nice to civilians. Both have an upbeat comedy tone to them, so if you liked one you'll like the other.

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Burst Angel

Burst Angel

In the future, Tokyo has fallen victim to syndicates, trigger-happy people who run rampant and other groups who don't like to follow the rules. In response, an organization called RAPT has been created, whose goal is to maintain their definition of "peace". In the underground, however, science involving humans and powerful mechanics is progressing at a steady phase, but for what purpose? Meet our four angels who know how to kick butt and raise hell whenever it's needed. Their motto? Shoot first, talk later. Their mission? To make the seemingly impossible possible, of course...

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Though Grenadier and Burst Angel might not seem very alike, I still got the same feeling from them. Both are action anime with touches of humor and even ecchi, but the action itself is pretty different. The story begins in an episodic manner, but afterwards both plots gain more and more similarities. This is why I'm recommending them for each other.


Grenadier and Burst Angel! feature female protagonists skilled with using guns. Both are action packed anime shows with similar comedy aspects and even fan-service. The story begins with an episodic plot type in both shows so if you enjoyed one you will like the other one as well.

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Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou

Rumors tell of a black-haired beauty that roams the land, taking down bandits that would harm the weak and innocent. Named Kan’u, the well-endowed warrior travels the land with her new friend Chouhi and a varied cast of companions, from the kind Koumei to the egotistical Sonshoukou and beyond. Together, the gang takes odd jobs, engage in political struggles and find plenty of new adventures along the way!

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Both Grenadier and Koihime share nearly every key aspect: ecchi, warriors travelling, fighting peacefully etc. If you liked one of these you'll like the other one aswell.


Meet two well-endowed female leads that travel around the lands trying to improve the conditions of their respective worlds, all of this while providing the public with lots of fanservice, comedic acts and sometimes fast-paced action.

The main difference is that Grenadier DOES have a more or less decent plot, while KM is nothing but mindless nudity and laughs (well... sometimes, at least); still, if you're in the mood for a lighthearted journey filled with appealing girls both can be a good option.

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For 1800 years the seven schools of Kantou have fought over supremacy of the land. Their students constantly fight each other in battles to prove their strength. Sonsaku Hakufu is a 17 year old girl that just transferred to Nanyou Academy, and at her arrival, finds herself fighting one of its top 4 fighters. But Sonsaku possesses a soulstone which contains the spirit of a great fighter, and she is not an easy match. When an order is issued to defeat Sonsaku, she finds herself in all out war against all of the schools top fighters. What lies behind this dark conspiracy?

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Animes with two good looking girls kicking some serious butt. Both have a comic/ecchi streak to them and not really heavy storyline.



The country of Gazth-Sonika has been engaged in a civil war for more than a decade, struggling to stay afloat amidst attacks from the anti-government faction known as Garza. With lies and corruption seeping into the political food chain, a mysterious book in one young girl’s possession may be the only key to uncovering the truth and bringing an end to the war. This book, however, is sought by many. And when the invincible agent Madlax is hired to protect those in search of its truth, Gazth-Sonika dispatches a ruthless soldier to make sure that truth stays in the darkness...

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Though Grenadier is more episodic and doesn't have the plot quality Madlax has, both utilize fights that are hyped up with truly fitting music. This, in turn, hyped me up during parts of the series.