Gregory Horror Show

Main Characters

Gregory Gregory
The First Guest The First Guest


The Second Guest The Second Guest

Secondary Characters

Catherine Catherine
Gregory's Mama Gregory's Mama
James James
Judgment Boy Judgment Boy
Neko Zombie Neko Zombie

Minor Characters

Bone Head Bone Head


Bonsai Kabuki Bonsai Kabuki
Cactus Girl Cactus Girl
Cactus Gunman Cactus Gunman
Clock Master Clock Master
Dead Body Dead Body
Death Death
Dog Dog
Dr. Fritz Dr. Fritz
Egypetit Egypetit
Fat Chicken Fat Chicken
Frog Fortune-Teller Frog Fortune-Teller
Hell's Chef Hell's Chef
Hell's Taxi Hell's Taxi
Inko Inko
Judgment Boy Gold Judgment Boy Gold
Kinko Kinko
Lost Doll Lost Doll
Mirror Man Mirror Man
Mono Eye Wizard Mono Eye Wizard
Mummy Dog Mummy Dog
Mummy Papa Mummy Papa
Musha Dokuro Musha Dokuro


My Son My Son
Pig Gentleman Pig Gentleman
Poor Conductor Poor Conductor
Public Phone Public Phone
Roulette Boy Roulette Boy
Sleepy Sheep Sleepy Sheep
Stephen HANIWA Stephen HANIWA
Street Vendor Street Vendor


Toilet Baby Toilet Baby
Trap Mouse Trap Mouse


Non-Speaking Role
TV Fish TV Fish
Umbaba Umbaba