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Gregory Horror Show

Gregory Horror Show main image more screenshots
  • TV (88 eps x 2 min)
  • 1999
2.994 out of 5 from 67 votes
Rank #2,754


A man approaches a sinister-looking house, not knowing how he got there or where he is. He has arrived at the Gregory Horror House, a place where strange creatures and mysterious specters float the halls and inhabit the rooms. From the teetering, toothy Judgment Boy who roams the corridors to a sexy and bloodthirsty reptilian nurse, from a gun slinging compadre and beyond, there are plenty of bizarre tenants of Gregory Horror House; but what's really going on, and why do people find their way to this place?

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Name Role
Kazumi MINAGAWA Director
Kousei KANOU Producer
Shigemi MORIOKA Producer
Takashi MASUDA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Gregory Horror Show Marceus 8/10 May 18, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
Absolutely Refuse smokingfender 55 May 25, 2012
Interesting, unique and short anime Marceus 11 Mar 30, 2012

Recommendations if you like Gregory Horror Show

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Hakaba Kitaro

Hakaba Kitaro

When the last two remaining members of the Ghost Tribe died, they left with them Kitarou - a one-eyed ghoulish child with a sinister cackle and a penchant for the supernatural. From day to day Kitarou tries his best to fit in at school (while failing miserably), thwart the fiendish schemes of the crude and rude Rat Man, and get the attention of the lovely and kind Neko Girl. with the help of his father-turned-talking-eyeball and his nervous and confused caretaker, Kitarou must learn to be the best Ghost Tribe heir that he can be!

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Though Gregory Horror Show is billed as being a horror/comedy, it's not really much of both. If anything it's remotely similar to Hakaba Kitaro, a delightfully entertaining anime that manages to capture both genres marvelously.

So, animation aside, if you enjoyed the quirky horror aspects of Gregory, check out Hakaba Kitaro for sure.

Kaidan Restaurant

Kaidan Restaurant

Shou, Ako and Reiko are three friends who live in a spooky town filled with ghost stories and haunted places, such as the abandoned Kaidan Restaurant. From an encounter with a bullied classmate at school who’s acting strangely like a cat to vacationing in the countryside near a forest where a boy once drowned, the trio often find themselves in the middle of supernatural tales of terror. Whether they’re telling frightful legends or inadvertently interacting with the dead, Shou, Ako and Reiko will experience the scary side of life with curiosity and camaraderie.

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Both of these are anime that re-use different cast memebers to tell episodic horror stories (I'd just consider them eerie or creapy).  They cover all kinds of different horror stories involving demons, zombies, ghosts, and everything else superntural. Fans of one might enjoy the other.