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Green Legend Ran

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3.17 out of 5 from 422 votes
Rank #2,382


In the future, mysterious monoliths known as the Rodo fell from outer space, turning the world into a parched wasteland without rain or oceans. In this new world where humans struggle to survive, control is held by the Rodoists – worshippers of the Rodo. Ran is an orphaned and honest boy who has sworn revenge against the scarred man who took his mother from him; and in order to facilitate his revenge, Ran wishes to join the Anti-Rodoist group known as the Hazzard. In the process, however, Ran meets and falls in love with the silver-haired Aira, who has a destiny that is far more than he can comprehend. Now, Ran travels to the Holy Green to pursue his love and revenge, but can he choose between them?

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Name Role
Yoshimitsu OHASHI Character Design
Satoshi SAGA Director
Yoichiro YOSHIKAWA Music

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Title Author Score Date
Green Legend Ran whitelionV 5/10 Jan 15, 2012
dvnrng wants to watch Green Legend Ran
Ohjisama rated the Green Legend Ran anime 2.5/5 stars
Ohjisama watched Green Legend Ran at 3 of 3 episodes
FreakAnime watched Green Legend Ran at 3 of 3 episodes
aga1517 wants to watch Green Legend Ran

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Now and Then, Here and There

Now and Then, Here and There

Amidst a beautiful sunset, Shu is violently whisked away to a grim future devoid of water, and empty of hope; a place where children are forced to become soldiers, and kill countless others in the name of King Hamdo. Shu's companion is a mysterious girl named La La Ru, who may hold the key to survival. Now, he must concentrate on the only things that matter: escaping Hellywood, and finding a way home.

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Both Now and Then Here and There and Green Legend Ran are set mainly in the distant future in which the Earth is a barren desert planet and water is a rare and precious commotity that is worth fighting and killing over. They also both feature a mysterious female lead with blue hair that has the power to control the flow of water. The stories in this regard are very similar; Now and Then Here and There focuses more on the brutality Shu suffers at the hands of Hambo's army of children and his never-give-up-attidute, whereas Green Legend Ran is somewhat more light-hearted and focuses more on cults and rebel factions. However, both stories are well-told and if you enjoyed one, you would most likely enjoy the other as well.


Both Now and Then Here and There and Green Legend Ran are about how precious water is to the people living in a desert world. Oddly enough both female leads can control water thus making them wanted by many people to overcome the water hardships. Green Legend Ran has a more light-hearted way of telling the story than Now and Then, Here and There but if you liked one you'll surely like the other.


Green Legend Ran and Now and Then, Here and There both revolve around how important water is to the world, and the story of the boy who helps the girl who can control it. Oddly enough both Ira and Lalla-Ru have light blue hair and eyes, and have the ability to manipulate water, While Now and Then, Here and There is much darker then Green Legend Ran, both show the wicked side to war, and the great lengths those who are in power will take to have that water, If you liked one, you are definetely sure to like the other



In the distant future, Earth's oceans have dried up, leaving a vast sandy desert in their place. On this inhospitable planet lives Sam, a boy whose older brother went missing years ago while chasing the sand whale, a behemoth that lurks beneath the sand. Now, Sam has teamed up with the local gang of sand pirates, and has dedicated his life to hunting the whale down himself. But when the boy accidentally rescues a mysterious girl from a fleet of military ships, little did he know that she'd be connected to his long lost brother...

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If your in a desert as a energetic young man, you have a tendancy to join either pirates to catch a huge sand creature(Ozma), or a resistance group that to find the man responsible for the death of a family member(Green Legend Ran). 

All those plans are chucked out the door when an odd girl enters your life with mysteries that change your whole outlook.

 Both are short series set in desert planets. green Legend Ran is more enviromental.But, If you enjoyed one, you might enjoy the other.

 Ozma is retro in that it emulates a late70's early 80's vibe.  Ran is retro in a 90's way, well, because it is from the 90's. 

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