Green Legend Ran

OVA (3 eps x 45 min)
3.147 of 5 from 488 votes
Rank #3,283

In the future, mysterious monoliths known as the Rodo fell from outer space, turning the world into a parched wasteland without rain or oceans. In this new world where humans struggle to survive, control is held by the Rodoists – worshippers of the Rodo. Ran is an orphaned and honest boy who has sworn revenge against the scarred man who took his mother from him; and in order to facilitate his revenge, Ran wishes to join the Anti-Rodoist group known as the Hazzard. In the process, however, Ran meets and falls in love with the silver-haired Aira, who has a destiny that is far more than he can comprehend. Now, Ran travels to the Holy Green to pursue his love and revenge, but can he choose between them?

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whitelionV Jan 15, 2012
Score 5/10

This 3 chapter OVA can be seen as a movie. A movie trying really hard to emulate Miyazaki. Although it's not a total waste and at no moment did I felt like dropping the serie... it's not good. Animation: Lets start by the worst. The animation is bad. Like, really bad... like it was made in the early 80's... by bad animators. Its so bad, that when the 2 decently drawn scenes appear in screen you are like... read more



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