Green Green

TV (12 eps)
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Deep in the mountains, isolated from civilization, there is a boys-only school that will finally be receiving its first class of girls in an attempt to transform the school into a co-ed one. Most of the boys have never been in contact with girls of their own age, leading to an explosion of hormonal craziness. From the sickeningly perverted fetishist guys, to a rather odd girl that seems to be chasing the most normal guy in the school for reasons known only to her, there's twisted humor to be had.

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galacticdude7 Apr 20, 2010
Score 2.5/10

-Story-Green Green is an anime that was designed specifically to get a young male audience, and no one else. The only thing that drives the story elements is the possibility of ecchi moments, and what plot that they try to put in there is largely forgotten in the first half of the series, and it doesn't make it into the series until the last couple of episodes, which are the only good episodes in the entire... read more

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angelsreviews Jul 14, 2013
Score 4/10

Well, what do you get when you take girls and put them in an all boy’s school? You get perverted sexual problems, and boy is this one perverted. After looking the show up a bit more, I found it was created as an H-game visual novel so that explains the storyline and the bad script. I have to wonder why these things actually get made for TV when this probably should have just been made as a Hentai. There... read more

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