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Gravitation OVA

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3.24 out of 5 from 3,562 votes
Rank #2,226


Shuichi and the rest of Bad Luck are back, and better than ever. Having reached the heights of fame in the music world, a new opportunity is on the horizon: the Tokyo Bay Music Festival! Bad Luck is set to perform, but so is Nittle Grasper, their supreme rival. What's worse is that Yuki, Shuichi's lover, has written the lyrics for Nittle Grasper's performing song! With low spirits and heavy hearts, can the gang pull together for one last song to prove to Japan they're the best band in the world?

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Gravitation TV 2000 Prequel

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Gravitation (Light Novel)   TBD
Gravitation 1996 Same Franchise
Gravitation: Voice of Temptation (Light Novel) 2002 TBD
Gravitation EX 2004 TBD
Name Role
Hiroya IIJIMA Character Design
Shinichi WATANABE Director
Maki MURAKAMI Original Manga Creator
Yumiko MASUJIMA Producer
Koichi KIKUCHI Producer
Masahiro CHIKU Producer
Koji YORITSUNE Producer

Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Gravitation OVA sothis 5.6/10 Jan 7, 2005

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all2 bigougit 134 Mar 5, 2014
Anime DVD's I Own Animefangirl21 93 Jan 8, 2014
Completed in 2014 Niko 10 Jan 4, 2014
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Gravitation mx3288 0 Nov 20, 13
CommanderKarasu rated the Gravitation OVA anime 2.5/5 stars
YuanXinWei rated the Gravitation OVA anime 5/5 stars
YuanXinWei watched Gravitation OVA at 2 of 2 episodes
Lanthira rated the Gravitation OVA anime 3/5 stars
Tragically watched Gravitation OVA at 2 of 2 episodes

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In the present day, a young group of friends is eager for their band to play in an upcoming festival. Unfortunately for them, the stage has been cancelled! Now, they must race against the clock to convince the mayor to let them play their Canary's song... for fame and glory!


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Singing in a festival is huge for any band. Both anime revolve around such a thing. Gravitation adds some romance drama in there where canary only focuses on the music. check one out if you liked the other. Be careful with Gravitation though as it has a series that should be watched before the ova.

Handsome Girl

Handsome Girl

Mio Hagiwara is a young and upcoming actress who has a fairly normal life -- high school, fame, and a well-known idol singer for a best friend. There is only one thing missing from her life: love. Enter Ichiya Kumagai, a budding film director with funding for a hot new flick, and an eye out for Mio. With tensions rising and love on the rise, the show must go on!


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Looking for quirky romance full of attitude? Handsome Girl and the Gravitation OVA are for you. Definitely recommended if you like your romance stories a bit out of the ordinary.

Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica

Misaki Takahashi has little hope of getting into a university, so his older brother Takahiro's friend, Usami Akihiko, offers to tutor Misaki as a favor to Takahiro - for Usami is secretly in love with him. However, as time passes Misaki realizes that he has uncomfortable and budding feelings for Usami. Meanwhile, Hiroki is a man who can't get over an unrequited love with Usami in the past - and with the help of Nowaki, he may finally learn to love again. These couples and more experience the joys and sadness of love between men under the most unlikely conditions.

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Both series deal with the relationship between men, yet goes about it in different ways.  Very similiar in their setup with money not an issue, it's surprising just how much they are the same.