Grappler Baki

Alt titles: Baki The Grappler

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Shootfighter Tekken

Shootfighter Tekken

During his prime, Keybo Miyazawa's father fought the legendary Iron Kiba. Though they came to a stalemate, Kiba lost an eye and has held a grudge to this very day. Now, in the present, Keybo is the successor of the murderous Nanshin Shadow Style, which can easily kill a man where he stands. His father trains him well, but soon Kiba reappears and the two decide that Keybo and Kiba's disciples must battle to put an end to their feud. With many opponents in his way and no end to the feud (or Kiba's hatred) in sight, Keybo must deliver blow after bloody blow to clear his family's name and uphold the Nanshin Shadow Style.

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neolidas neolidas says...

If you like real intense no holds barred fights beween various disciplines then look no further this is it! 

Not for the faint hearted!